An Afternoon in Austin

I was extremely excited this past Sunday because I had an opportunity to spend the afternoon with my super awesome friend Ashley who flew into Austin on her way up to Waco for work. Ashley is not only one of the smartest and coolest people I have ever met she is one of my bestest friends. She was one of my maid’s of honor at my wedding; she is my big sister (sorority) and just one of my favorite people. Just ask Paul, he was our third wheel in college 🙂

Although we have lived apart from each other since 2005 I am lucky that she so kindly came to visit me in some of the places I’ve lived.

Like Ohio


And Philadelphia



I only got to hang with Ashley for a few hours on Sunday; I really wish it could have been longer.

We met in Austin at a Mexican restaurant on 6th Street for lunch.




Then, because I’m a giant dork, I asked if we could walk to Whole Foods’ flagship store so I get some kombucha. Our store in San Antonio, like the ones in Austin, has kombucha on tap and they carry a variety (Buddha’s Blend pineapple and super greens) that is not bottled. Over the past few weeks they have been out of the pineapple super greens kombucha (I usually treat myself to one whole shopping) so I have been craving it like crazy lately. Thankfully Paul and Ashley obliged so off we went.




On our way back down 6th street we walked past a billiards place and through the window we noticed skee ball. We had no other choice to go into said billiards hall and get our skee ball on.

Ashley totally kicked my butt.



This picture is not staged. We both just happen to stand like that. Weird, isn’t it?


We even let Paul play some skee ball, too.


It was hard saying goodbye to Ashley especially not knowing when our paths will cross again. I hope it is soon but I am thankful to be able to stay connected to her through this blog, FB, texting, etc until then.


Thanks for reading!


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Thankful Thursday

For today’s post I wanted to share with you some of the things I am most thankful for.

1. The support of my loving husband. Here’s the thing, this may seem trivial or expected as he is my husband and is required by law to be supportive of me. I try to always remember to thank him for all of his help and make sure he knows how much easier this has been because he allows me to do what I want, when I want, and has totally picked up the slack. He doesn’t think it is a big deal but it totally is. I tell him that not all people are so understanding and accommodating. He doesn’t complain that we are eating differently, and normally around my workout schedule, or that I spend money (all the time) on things only for me like weight watchers, boxing, expensive sports bras. I have been fortunate that he finds the positive effects these things have on my life outweigh the negative impact it has taken on his life- like more housework, less spending money, and less time with me. These things require him to be selfless in order for me to be selfish. For all of his support I am eternally grateful.


2. All of my fantabulous blog readers/followers. I would have put this first but since Paul started reading my blog I didn’t want to offend him by putting him in the number 2 slot. Just kidding, Paul 😉 well, sort of. I cannot tell you how much you guys mean to me. The support I have received since starting this blog has been overwhelming. Your kind words and constant encouragement keep me going. I think of you throughout the day, like when I have a good workout or after a weigh in, and am so excited to report back to you what I have done.

On Saturday, after my record high weekly weight loss of 4.4 pounds, I was somewhat sad when I realized I had no one to share my excitement with. No husband or San Antonio friends to give me a hug or the pat on the back I wanted. But then I blogged about it and within minutes I had my first congratulatory comment and I was on cloud nine. It brought me to tears. I was so happy because of this community I have to share these achievements with; I am truly one lucky girl. Even more amazing is how these relationships have spread outside of the blog to emails, Facebook, twitter, texts and phone calls. I have gone from feeling alone in my world, to a life surrounded by friends- even if you are all over the world. So, again, I just have to say how much I love you guys! Thanks for drinking the Kool-Aid!

3. My increase in self-confidence. I am not sure if it is an increase in self-confidence or decreases in caring what people think but either way I have found it so much easier to do things that previously I would have felt too uncomfortable to do. It started with the boxing class; that was a huge step outside of my comfort zone.  Not only am I obese, I am not the picture of athleticism either so stepping into a challenging, cardio-intense class filled with super fit people was enough to cause anyone to have an anxiety attack. But I pushed through it and kept up with it and now I don’t care at all that I am the fattest person there (by far) or the slowest runner or the worst pusher-upper, yeah- that’s a made up word but I think you know what I mean. Now, I go in with my head held high, get my ass kicked for 55 minutes, and leave with a smile on my super sweaty, beet-red face.

It’s not just the physical situations that have gotten easier; I am also mastering situations that I had problems mentally overcoming. Like over this past long-weekend I went to the movies TWICE by myself, I ate dinner by myself and my biggest triumph, I went to the pool by myself. I was so nervous about going to the pool alone I was overcome with fear; would it be too crowded and I wouldn’t be able to swim? If I was able to swim, would people laugh at how bad of a swimmer I am? Will people stare at me while I am getting into the pool? A million questions were running through my head as if it would have been a different experience than if I was going with Paul, which of course it wasn’t.  I totally feel like he has become my security blanket in these types of situations. Good thing for me that the heat was so unbearable that I just said eff it, grabbed a book and a towel, and headed to the pool. Physical comfort trumped mental discomfort! To no one’s surprise, except maybe my own, it was no big deal. Actually for the most part I was alone and when a couple arrived I just kept doing my own thing; alternating between reading and soaking up the vitamin D and hanging in the pool treading water and my version of swimming laps.

4. New clothes. I haven’t gone shopping yet but I will soon so I guess technically I am thankful for the prospect of being able to buy new clothes. I am excited to buy new clothes for two reasons; A) I am fairly certain that I am a smaller size now which is exciting as I am not sure I remember a time where I had to buy smaller clothes, normally I am shopping to buy larger clothes and B) my clothes are becoming too loose and baggy that I am one misstep away from my work pants falling down. Although it seems wasteful to spend money on clothes that will hopefully only fit for a short amount of time I don’t really have a choice, I need for my clothes to stay up and on me at all times. I don’t think I could handle the embarrassment of a wardrobe malfunction. Also, I know it will make me feel good to have some new, better fitting clothes.

5. Local grocery stores and farmer’s markets. I am fortunate to live in a city that offers local farmer’s markets and has a plethora of grocery stores selling local, and often organic, fresh produce. It doesn’t hurt either that I live someplace that has two growing seasons which really allow us to eat fresh, local produce for a very large portion of the year. I have lived in other cities in other states where Wal-Mart or the local grocer were my only options and I was limited by the selection of what was offered and from where it came from. I do think that I owe part of my weight loss success to the availability of food items around me. It has made cooking fun, almost like an experiment, when I get to try out new foods. I thoroughly enjoy perusing the produce aisles and picking up whatever I think sounds good to me. It’s been a lot of fun but it has also taught me adaptability so I know when Paul and I move again that I will be ok if I don’t have this luxury anymore. I am only limited by my imagination.

I read this quote yesterday and though this an appropriate place to share.

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others” – Plato

Make sure to stop by tomorrow to find out all the details about second blog giveaway! Thanks for reading!

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Random Ramblings: the Robot Edition

Happy Friday! I hope your day is going better than mine. Not to say I am having a bad day, just that I started the day battling with stupid robots, aka electronic devices, which in turn made me late for work. I should probably say here that late for work for me is what most people consider on time. I like to get to work at least ten minutes early so I can take care of my pre-work items like taking my vitamins and making my green tea. Technically I was not late to work as I still made it in prior to 7am, it just wasn’t by much.

Any who, before I get into my battle against the evil robots I would first like to share with you the amazing gift I received yesterday. A little over a month ago I entered a contest posted on one of my favorite blogs: Ginger Couturier: Trapped in Suburbia in which she asked her readers for their best/favorite April fool’s Day prank and as the winner I received a batch of her famous homemade brownies. I went to the post office yesterday to pick up the brownies assuming I would be receiving a small box with a tin of brownies inside. Man, was I wrong and here are some pictures to show you what I actually received.



Not only did she do an amazing job with the packaging, the brownies were by far the best I have ever had. They were really rich and fudgey and I consider them more of a fudge-brownie hybrid opposed to the traditional dry, boring brownies most of us have had. They were excellent, I splurged (because I had enough points to do so) and had one yesterday as soon as I came home from work. Since it is just me and Paul, and knowing we could easily eat all the brownies over the course of a few days, I had Paul bring most of them in to work (of course we saved some for ourselves, too) and his co-workers are raving about them. I would just like to say to Ginger that I thank you, Paul thanks you, and the US Army soldiers at the Institute for Surgical Research thank you.

Now back to my ranting about the stupid robots. This morning, as per my usual routine, I went to weigh myself before I took my shower and my digital scale gave me this lovely response- ‘Err’. Of course I tried again and again and still nothing but Err. So I am guessing this weekend I will be replacing my scale. It is probably time to anyhow and I have been looking at scales whenever we are out shopping because the one I have is old and small and ready to be laid to rest. So today I bid adieu to my crappy scale, sorry for all of the abuse.

After I conceded my battle with the scale I embarked on a second robot battle against our printer. Since I wasted so much time fighting the scale I had no choice but to try to print off some important papers (that I forgot to print yesterday) while brushing my teeth wearing nothing but my bath towel. I had tried to print these papers on Wednesday and the printer wasn’t responding. It appeared to be turned on so I left assuming that eventually they would print on their own. So, this morning I go to check and no such luck. So I canceled the print job and tried to reprint them. Nothing happened. So I did what most people would do in this circumstance, I turned the printer off. I firmly believe that most problems with electronics can be resolved by turning something off and then back on. Well, the printer turned off but sadly never turned back on. Blerg! Just what I need- another dead robot. Damn you technology!

A broken scale and printer are just minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things. Yes, it was annoying but it really was no big deal and by the time I got to work it had been long forgotten. What is a big deal is this statistic I read today; 7.3 million couples in the United States are affected by infertility. Isn’t that a shocking number? 7.3 MILLION. I was floored when I read this on Infertility Awakening– my go-to blog for support with my infertility issues. I have only discussed this topic a couple of times on my blog not because I am ashamed of being infertile but because it is so damn hard for me to talk about. Reading the post on Infertility Awakening today made me cry so you can only imagine how I react when I try to write about this subject. It is something I deal with every day but often don’t have the strength to write about but reading this post today made me realize how important it is for me to talk about it- to rip off the scarlet letter I carry around with me and show the world I am not ashamed of my infertility.

In other news, yes I know I am bad with segues, I attended my first boxing class on Wednesday and it was awesome. It was very hard- I had to stop a few times for water and I couldn’t complete all of the exercises (how exactly do I do a push-up wearing boxing gloves???) but I pushed through and made it to the end. You could definitely tell I was a novice and it will take some time before I can complete 100% of the routine but I am proud of myself for what I was able to accomplish my first trip out. Afterwards, I was talking with one of the girls from the class. She asked me how I liked it and I said I did. I was almost in tears at this point, not because of how hard it was but because I was so happy. During the class we had to hold ourselves in the elbow bridge plank position for one minute which may not sound like long but it really is. Back in February I couldn’t even lift myself off the ground when trying to do this (it is a yoga position) and so I was overcome with joy that I was able to do it on Wednesday. I wasn’t able to do it for the whole minute, maybe only ten seconds at a time and I pulled myself up four times, but just being able to do it at all showed me how much I have progressed in such a short time. I told the girl I was talking with this story and how, for me, it is important to celebrate the small victories- they are what push me through. She agreed.

If you take anything away from this post today please let it be this- take the time to celebrate the small victories because you should be proud of each and every accomplishment.

Oh, and one last thing before I sign off: Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all my fellow military spouses. I hope you know everyday how important you are and how much you are loved- not just today but every day. Hopefully, though, you can get a nice present out of this newly created holiday 😉

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Love you guys!

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Baseball; oh how I love thee

As those of you who have followed my blog from the beginning, you have already seen my posts filled with pictures from hockey games. Well, the AHL regular season is over and sadly, the San Antonio Rampage did not make the playoffs. What does that mean for me? No more hockey. Which may be a good thing as the season opener for the San Antonio Missions is this Thursday and you guessed it- I will be there.

I love baseball and it has always been a big part of my life. Baseball lacks the aggression of football or the fast-paced, hard hits of hockey, but I love it because of the type of game it is. To me, baseball is relaxing and peaceful- not to say I don’t get worked up at games, just that for the most part I know when I am at a baseball game the chaos of life outside the stadium fades away.

Baseball is hot dogs and cold beers. It is peanuts and the seventh inning stretch. It is “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” and Harry Kalas singing “High Hopes”. Baseball is spring days filled with sunshine and warm, starry summer nights. Yeah, I pretty much love baseball and everything about it with one exception- the Yankees. I hate the Yankees!

In honor of baseball and my favorite time of year, I would like to share with you some of my favorite baseball memories.

14 years old, in LA for a family wedding and me and my whole family (aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc.) went to see the Phillies play the Dodgers in Dodgers Stadium. What an amazing way to spend a family vacation!

16 years old, my Dad took me and two of my friends from school to a spring Phillies game. The three of us girls spent the afternoon running around between innings acting like typical crazy teenage girls.

21 years old, in Chicago with my friend LS (pictured later) attempting to go to a Cubs game. Unfortunately it rained all weekend and the game we had tickets for ended up being postponed until later in the year. I remember being outside Wrigley, soaking wet, I had pink eye and we still had a great time even though we never saw a game.

22 years old, in Toronto for work and I managed to score great seats for the Red Sox vs. Blue Jays game. The stadium, fans, and atmosphere were all amazing. I remember being in the stadium, third row from the field on the first base line, watching warm ups/batting practice. Such a great day!

My mid-twenties were spent watching the Daytona Beach Cubs. I spent most Thursday night’s ($1 beer night) for the three seasons I lived in Daytona at the Cubbies games. That was my undergrad ritual and it was always so much fun.

26 years old, I take my then boyfriend Paul to see a Phillies game with me. This is the first season Citizens Bank Park is open and both of our first times seeing the new stadium. We fell in love that day with the new stadium. For both of us, Citizens Bank Park epitomizes baseball- it truly is a magical place.

28 years old, Paul, now my husband, and I go to an Indians game up in Cleveland. It was rainy that morning and overcast and drizzly during the game. Thankfully it was beach towel giveaway day and we were able to keep dry. We were poor college students still so we could only afford the super-duper nose bleeds, I think we were two rows from the top, and although I was overwhelmed with fear I might plummet to my death we still had an amazing time.

30 years old, Paul and I attend our first Phillies fireworks game group outing with like 50 people. Our friend JH’s brother purchased the tickets and organized the group and we were thankful be apart of it. There is nothing better than spending the day hanging out with your friends at a Phillies game. The fireworks were pretty awesome too!

This same year the Phillies won the World Series and chaos ensued outside of my house in South Philadelphia. I was definitely worried that the next morning I would wake up, head out to work and find my car upside down and burned to a crisp- thankfully this did not happen. I have never in my life seen such pandemonium and celebration as what was going on out on Broad St. that night. It was both shocking and amazing. Even crazier were the 3 million people who were in Philadelphia for the championship parade. Talk about a city filled to its capacity. We were very fortunate to live right on the parade route and so we just walked outside our front door and celebrated with all the (crazy) fans! I will never forget this experience!

31 years old, I attended three very memorable games throughout the season. These games will always be remembered mainly because of the people I went with but also because it was the end of my time in Philadelphia. I was fortunate to be blessed with box seats, given to me by my employer, twice that season. I brought my Father to the first game, as did all the other employees who received tickets, as a Father’s Day celebration.

The second game was spent with one of my closest friends, and by far the best co-worker ever, KO. Although she is not really a baseball fan, really dislikes the Phillies, and was cheering for the visiting team- the Mets, I was still able to enjoy myself. Actually, in spite of KO’s best efforts to sabotage my day (just kidding 😉 ) we truly had a great time!

Me and KO at the Phillies vs. Mets Game, July 5, 2009

The third game I attended that season was the group fireworks game. This time I was sans Paul as he was off at Army basic training in Ft. Benning, GA. In his place was my great friend LS, my Chicago partner in crime, and we had a blast. We spent the pre-game in the parking lot hanging out with friends and then enjoyed most of the game from our seats with the group. During the 8th inning we headed over to my employer’s box seats in order to get a better view of the fireworks which, like the previous year, did not disappoint.

JH, LS and me at the Phillies vs. Pirates game, July 10, 2009

A pregnant JH looking beautiful at the Phillies game, July 10, 2009


Last year, Paul and I attended our first San Antonio Missions game with our friend MS. It was a perfect baseball night and we really enjoyed ourselves. This year we purchased a 16 ticket voucher book which came with additional tickets to opening night and the Texas All-Star game so I imagine I will probably attend at least 10 Missions baseball games this season, which makes me very happy. Life is all about living in the moment and doing things that will make you happy, and for me that is baseball. Stay tuned, as I am sure there will be Wordless Wednesday posts filled with Missions baseball pictures.

Thanks for reading!

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Wordless Wednesday- Part Two

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the San Antonio Rampage and Spurs Sports Entertainment staff for putting together this wonderful end of season event! I just had to post some pictures from tonight- I couldn’t wait a week! Thanks to Paul for taking all these pictures! What a great husband!


#33 Matt Climie and #49 David Brine


Matt Climie and Levi (sorry Susie, if I misspelled his name)


#9 Alex Picard


My birthday twin- #18 Ryan Weston


#21 Josh Lunden and #25 Ned Lukacevic


The world’s best announcer- J.C.


#7 Jeff May


My bowling buddies- #49 David Brine and #29 Joe Fallon


My other bowling buddie #33 Matt Climie

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Friday Mashup

Sorry but today’s post is going to be a mish mash of different topics. I have a few things I want to talk about today.

First up, it’s April 1st and my first weight loss goal deadline is here. Since I started out weighing myself at home I did the same this morning. Going forward I will be using the WW weigh-ins so you will see a jump from my weight today to tomorrow (WW meeting) because of the different scales and being weighed fully clothed. You probably don’t care about that right now, you probably just want to know if I made my goal and I did. My starting weight was 286 and I am now down to 274.8. I am super happy about this especially because I thought I might not make my goal weight today because I am extra bloated -my monthly visitor has graced me with her presence. For next month’s goal of losing 10 pounds I will post my WW weight tomorrow and we will use that number for the May 1st weigh in, which I will do on the WW scale.

Second big bit of news is that yesterday I had a surprise, well surprise to me, annual performance evaluation. I received nothing but positive feedback and an overall performance rating of outstanding which is the highest you can receive. Yay me! This should put me at the top of the list for a raise, if my company has money to give out for raises, which would be awesome. More than anything though I am just excited to get some positive feedback and recognition for the work I am doing. Do you remember last week when I was upset about the condescending comment my boss made? Well, I don’t want to go into all the details but I will say that he has since redeemed himself. I am definitely feeling a big boost of self-confidence after everything that happened yesterday and it feels great!

Last up is not really news; it’s just something I really wanted to do today. I have experienced so many small victories since I have started this blog. I had no idea how much writing about these topics and receiving your feedback would really help. Your support has made the past five weeks a whole lot easier and heck of a lot more fun. It is great having a (small) community of readers helping me through this process. I owe this all to you so today I would like to give a few shout outs to the people who have made this all possible. To the people who I turn to for inspiration and the people whose support has inspired me; thank you! I love you guys!

In no specific order:

James&Jax– where do I start… She is the reason why I blog so mad props to her for getting me to start this! She is a full-time editor and a full-time mom and her ability to juggle a million different things at once inspires me. She is as open and honest on her blog as she is with her friends and family, maybe even more so. She continually works towards becoming a better person, finding happiness, and creating a healthy lifestyle for her and her family. She has always been an inspiration to me for as long as I have known her. She is pretty fantabulous!

jakennicksmomma– She just rejoined Weight Watchers after the birth of her second son two months ago. First weekly weigh in she lost six pounds. What a rock star, especially because she does not have much weight to lose. Juggling two young sons, running her household, being married to an officer for the U.S. Marines (military life adds chaos) and she is still kicking butt not only at WW but on her yearly goal of walking 550 miles- she was at 116.3 on March 26. Can you say Super Woman? How can I not be inspired!

hookerchick- as a successful career woman I often turn to her for support and guidance. She is totally overworked, under paid and underappreciated and I know this because she took my old job when I moved to TX. She is grace under fire in the situations where you would find me running around hysterical. I try to model my professionalism after hers. She also lends inspiration to how I want to live my life; a world traveler, always willing to try new experiences, we could all be a little more like her.

*Reader tip: Something hookerchick does which I think is a great idea is that she uses Groupon and Living Social discounts to try out different types of  fitness classes. For example, the other week she went to a rowing class. Taking advantage of these type of offers allows you change-up your routine and a save money at the same time. Win-win.

Ambers0182- she could quite possibly be the most positive person I have ever met. Her enthusiasm and zeal for life is truly contagious. She and I are gym buddies and even though we live over two thousand miles apart we try to help each other stay motivated. Everything about her life is inspirational; a single mom who moved 2000+ miles away from her friends and family for her job and though it all still maintains a positive outlook. I try every day to be a little more like her.

Xihj186- my big sis whom I love so much! She is the whole package; smart, funny, and beautiful. She kicks butt at everything she does which in itself is impressive and inspirational. She has always been here for me when I needed her most and so far on this journey has helped me through this with her kind words and advice. She told me that one night at spin class she got mad at the fat on her legs and that was a great motivator for her. It just stuck with me and I think of it every time I work out especially when I am feeling the jiggle it makes kick it into high gear.

Monie137- my San Antonio partner in crime. She has been through a lot with me over the past year of our friendship. Because of her I was able to easily survive 7 months of living apart from Paul. She kindly accompanied almost every place I went over those months and now is my Weight Watchers partner. It is great having someone to experience this with and another person to keep you accountable is always a good thing.

Baconseed– although it might seem this way, all of my inspiration isn’t just found through other people or other blogs dealing with weight loss. I found baconseed through James & Jax and I immediately fell in love. One thing I have always wanted was my own garden and unfortunately Paul and I have never lived anyplace where it was possible to have one. So I look at the pictures on her blog and yearn for the day that I could be doing the same. Now that I am going to be moving onto post and will be able to have a garden I am so excited. Baconseed even offered to help me out with any questions I might have. How awesome is that? Baconseed you inspire me everyday to create something beautiful. Thank you!

The Reluctant Weight Watchers Foodie: Weight Watchers; yes, reluctant; at first, yes, foodie, yes. I love Word Press and the other half a million bloggers on here because of the fact that the other day I stumbled across this blog. What could be better than another person of similar circumstances blogging about their WW journey all while posting healthy and yummy recipes??? It could only be better if maybe she had a group of losers (weight loss losers) on her blog that post their goals and track their weights. Oh wait, she does. This blog has it all and I love it. I am one of the newest Reluctant Losers and am so happy to be a part of this group. Thank you for the opportunity!

The Grumpy Man’s Guide to Losing weight & keeping it off: my first follower that I didn’t have to ask to read my posts. He has lost over one hundred freakin pounds. As if this fact alone wasn’t inspirational enough for me (as I need to lose 125 pounds) he posts daily about his diet and exercise, includes practical tips all with a refreshing sarcastic tone. He addresses situations that everyone who is dieting will or has experienced without sugar-coating anything. I know my journey is going to be tough and I know it will be a long, ongoing battle but having him to turn to every day for support makes it so much easier. It is great to see someone who has lost so much weight still working very diligently through diet and exercise to burn through those last 14 pounds to his goal weight.

To everyone, not just the people listed above, I thank you for being my support when I needed it the most. Just by reading this you have brought validation to the hard work I have put in so far and fueled the fire in me to keep going. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me. You are all superstars!

Thanks for reading!

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Wordless Wednesdays: my life at the AT&T Center

Over the past 7 days I went to five events held at the AT&T Center and then one somewhat related event- Rampage fundraiser- held at Boston’s Pizza.

*Update* I just found out that I won tickets to tonight’s Rampage hockey game, bringing my tally up to 6 events in 8 nights! Also, I wanted to note that I won the Lady Gaga tickets, too. I am having great luck winning tickets this year!

Here are some photos from these events.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Detroit Pistons

Up in the nosebleeds but we still had fun!

San Antonio Rampage vs. Oklahoma City Barons

Thursday night game versus OKC Barons. Rampage won!

All the mascots were there to celebrate T-Bone's birthday!

Thursday night was also T-Bone’s birthday- he is the mascot for the Rampage.

T-Bone says Ole!

Saturday night game versus the Manitoba Moose and also Hispanic Heritage weekend.

We had fun in spite of the Rampage losing

Final score Manitoba 7, San Antonio 2- it was a pretty rough loss

San Antonio Rampage vs. Grand Rapids Griffins

Another tough loss but this time it was our first shootout loss of the season. At least we got a point for that. Final score Grand Rapids 5, San Antonio 4

#21 Josh Lunden

Our server for the evening at Boston’s

#22 Eric Neilson

San Antonio Rampage fundraiser for SAILS- San Antonio Independent Living Services

Our favorite mascot- T-Bone

A portion of the sales and 100% of the tips donated to this wonderful, local charity which helps people living with disabilities. Plus Monica got to make out with T-Bone.

Me and Monica at Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga concert last night was amazing!

Lady Gaga Concert 03/15/11

This screen came down during set changes and played crazy awesome videos of Lady Gaga. We were pretty far back so this was easier to take pictures of than the stage itself.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was amazing. I think there were 5 different set changes and at least a half-dozen different outfits but each outfit was layers so it changed with each song. It was incredible!

Lady Gaga

I am pretty sure she was eating a heart! I liked Lady Gaga before, I LOVE her now! What an amazing performance!

I have more pictures from the concert posted on Facebook if you want to see more.

Thanks for reading!

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Friday Favorites

I am mentally and physically drained from this week and just don’t think I can pull together a quality post today so instead you get a list of some of my favorite things which will hopefully put me in a better mood for the weekend.    

My iPhone: I do not how I survived without one. Although I had wanted one since it first came out, I could not convince myself it was worth spending the money on- I can be quite frugal sometimes. I am so happy Paul helped coax me into getting one, good move hubby, but am pretty sure he regretted that decision once he realized it meant I would ignore him 24/7 because of it. I love how easy it is for me to stay connected to my friends who are all over the country. I also love the Face Time feature. It makes me feel like I am right there having a face to face conversation instead of feeling separated by thousands of miles. 

Music: I have been a music junky since birth and was raised by parents who are even more hardcore music lovers than me. Both in their retirement, all my parents do is watch Netflix and go to concerts. Growing up my dad was pretty tight with the money except for when it came to things like going to concerts or sporting events, any activity that created a memory. They were always more about the experiences than the tangible stuff and I am pretty much the same. I have only been to a couple of concerts since I moved to SA, one was with my parents in Austin, and it has been a rough adjustment for me. I have found solace in my iPod and Pandora and am lucky I can listen to music all day long at my desk. Some of my favorite bands currently in my rotation are: Mumford & Sons, Arcade Fire, The Airborne Toxic Event, Phoenix, Warpaint (thanks JH) and The Black Keys.

Books: I love reading; it goes hand in hand with my love for music. My father was an English teacher and always encouraged me to explore the world and the lives of others, real or fiction, through books. I don’t get to spend as much time reading as I would like. The amount I read definitely fluctuates with the amount of time Paul is at home. Reading is the perfect escape for me when he is off doing Army stuff. There is nothing quite like getting lost in the imagery or fantasy of a story. I also love the personal connection you can make with characters or authors. I love to read Jen Lancaster because her stories are super funny and very relatable. Currently in my queue: Anthology of an American Girl: A Novel by Hilary Thayer Hamann, Dreaming in French by Megan McAndrew and My Life in France by Julia Child.

Photography: I love photography even though I am not very good at it. It is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. I like photographing anything but if I had to choose what I like best I would say nature. For me, nature photography is a great reason to go and wander through some beautiful parks and gardens and it brings calm to the chaos of every day life. It slows down the mind and brings focus on the beauty of your surroundings. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Cooking: My love for cooking probably comes from my Italian upbringing. My mother and grandmother are both great cooks and both tend to go overboard with the amount of food being served, especially during the holidays. I am pretty much the same way. I always take on crazy menus and cook way too much. I love having friends and family over for meals, there is definitely a different level of intimacy you gain when you engage in a meal together. I can see why dieting is so hard for me because I only have happy, warm feelings towards food. Life would be easier if I hated to eat and was a super picky eater but that is not the way I am so that is why I am trying to practice moderation and portion control.

Weekends: Who doesn’t love weekends??? As I write this post I am getting happier and happier because the weekend is quickly approaching. The weekend provides you with endless possibilities and I am always excited to see what new adventure I will partake in. I love staying up past 10p and being able to sleep in. I love late breakfasts and multiple cups of coffee, strolling with the dogs on the paved trails near our apartment, Rampage hockey and Spurs basketball games, book sales at the libraries, and unexpected zoo trips, to name a few. I hope that your weekend is an awesome adventure or a relaxing retreat from the week. Either way, enjoy it!

Thanks for reading!

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This one is for the ladies….

Ok, so I am a day late. I apologize. I was hoping to write up two posts yesterday but I only got to the first one and this one was bumped. Oh, well- better late than never.

In honor of International Women’s Day 2011 I would like to pay tribute to some of the powerful, life altering female influences in my life. Some of them I know, some I have never met, and may never meet, but either way they have shaped my life for the better. For all you have done, I thank you.

I, of course, have to start off thanking my mother. She is and always has been my best friend. She is an amazing woman who has led a very difficult life but through it all still was able to teach me everything I know. She has spent the past 30 plus years battling with bipolar disorder, an illness that caused her and our family much pain and sadness. She persevered through all of the rough times, some of which seemed pretty hopeless, and currently lives a happy, peaceful life having control of the illness for the past three years. She is stronger and more upbeat than I could ever dream of being. She has never let her illness define who she is. She is a truly remarkable woman. Thanks Mom!

Thank you to my Great Aunt Jenny who became a lawyer back in the 1950’s, back when it was still somewhat rare for women to go to college, let alone an ivy league school, let alone complete a JD program, let alone become a practicing lawyer who ended up winning some of the biggest cases in California and Federal law at the time. She has been a role model to me as she epitomized the working woman I wanted to be. Heck, she even married her law clerk. She is a badass and makes no excuses for not knowing how to cook or do most household chores. She was a pretty powerful lawyer back in her time and was still able to raise two wonderful children and have a long and loving marriage.

I would like to thank all of the women in the world who are currently fighting for women’s rights, fighting to end violence against women, fighting for equality, and their freedoms. I often take for granted what has been done by the women before me in order for me to have all of the freedoms and rights that I do. However, with things like income disparity and sexual harassment still prevalent issues in our society, I know there are still battles that need to be won and will try to be a more active participant in those things directly affecting my life.

I would like to thank all of the military wives out there who choose each and every day to make the sacrifices required to live as a military spouse. I know it is hard for the soldiers too, but for the purpose of this post I am focusing on the other side. I am an Army wife but I don’t view myself in the same light. My husband has yet to be deployed and works in a research lab so aside from having to deal with the normal amount of BS that comes from dealing with the military I do not categorize myself as a true Army wife. I think about the women who every day are taking on both roles, mother and father, while their spouse is away. I think about how hard it must be to raise a family, or try to start a family, while your partner is away. Some spouses aren’t even lucky enough to have communication on a regular basis. You are required to be strong and flexible, handling anything life throws at you all on your own. Moving and leaving behind friends and careers only to start anew somewhere else, my heart goes out to each and every one of you. You are overworked and underappreciated. For all that you have sacrificed and will continue to sacrifice, I thank you.

To my friend JH who has been with me for 13 years, I would like to thank her not just for being an amazing friend but more so for being such a positive influence on my life. She has been with me through the thick and thin of it all and for that I am thankful. J has met all of my big life decisions with nothing but encouragement- I am where I am today because of her. She is an amazing working mother who fought an arduous battle with PPD and not only survived it but is using her experiences to help other mothers who are going through the same thing. She is the type of person who would give you the shirt off her back and ask for nothing in return. She has been through many difficult situations and life experiences but you would never know that, as she does not take pity on herself but instead tries every day to become a better person for herself and her son. She is a rock star and I love her tremendously!

Last but certainly not least, I thank all of you- my mostly female readers- because each one of you has impacted my life for the better. I know I say the main reason of this blog is for my personal accountability but it is also to stay connected to you. You have guided and shaped the path that I am on and I am forever thankful. Your support and encouragement is incredible and will not be forgotten. So, for those of you who I have known for 13 years or 13 days, I just want to say you are awesome, I love you and thank you.

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