A Letter From a Friend

Today is my birthday. Woo Hoo! I am now thirty-four years old (which makes me wonder about changing my blog name- I’m seriously thinking about it) and I feel freaking fabulous. This is the first year in who knows how long that I didn’t dread getting older and seeing that number change because this is the first year in a very long time that I feel good about myself. Today I woke up and felt great, I felt ready to take on any possibility that this year holds for me and that is such a wonderful feeling. Then I looked over at my sleeping husband, my partner in crime, my best friend and soul mate and thought about the great year that lies ahead for both of us. I can feel big changes on the horizon and I can’t wait!

The other day I received a letter in the mail. It was from me. I wrote it a month ago during my Nia White Belt Intensive. During the WBI we were asked to write a letter to our body and when we finished it we gave it to someone else. Each of us agreed to send the letter at some point over the next two months. Mine came on Saturday and I was excited to read it and reflect back on how I felt when I wrote it. It is so applicable to how I feel now in this journey and I wanted to share it with you.

To my beautiful body,

​Thank you for carrying me through this White Belt Intensive and my journey so far. I was impressed by your resiliency just as I have been since we started this journey back in February. I am also impressed with your power to heal. I know, I can feel it to be true, that you were sick and hurting and now you are whole again. I try my best not to push you too hard, to understand your limits, and give you the best nourishment possible but sometimes I fail and for that I am sorry. I will try my best to honor you every day. My oldest and dearest friend. You are sacred. Without you I wouldn’t exist. Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams and live the life I want. I cannot wait to see what is in store for us next. Are you up for the challenge?



Have you ever written a letter to yourself? I think this is a first for me. It was pretty cool getting it in the mail. It was the perfect way to help me reflect on my journey and progress as I pass this milestone in my life. Birthdays are fun and a great reason to celebrate life. Today is my gift and I can only hope I have the gift of many more tomorrow’s to come. If you are wondering how I am celebrating you should know I have a big day planned. I am going to be participating in my at work yoga class, back to back boxing classes after work, and enjoying the healthy and tasty meals I brought to work. Yeah, it’s pretty much my typical Monday with the exception of the decorations all over my desk at work. The real celebration comes Saturday when Paul and I head to S.A.R.A (society for animal rescue and adoption) in Seguin, TX to do some volunteer work and spend the day with the animals. I can’t wait.




Thanks for reading! Love thirty-four and counting 😉


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My Nia White Belt Intensive; Part One

I wanted to share with you this video taken after the graduation ceremony from my Nia White Belt Intensive. It is the perfect illustration of what Nia means to me; happiness, community, acceptance, love, laughter, peacefulness, and friendship. The song is from a Nia routine and at some points you will see us dancing to some of the moves, jazz square – cha, cha, cha and jumping jacks, but most of it is us free dancing, having fun and celebrating this accomplishment. Not only was it a celebration for the graduates but for the trainers as well. It was an amazing day and I hope that plays through in the video.

P.S. Sorry for the fact that most of the video all you see of me is my backside 😉

Here are a couple photos I took on graduation day.


Adelle Brewer and Joanie Brooks both Nia Black Belts and my trainers for the White Belt. Although I have only known them for six months they have played such a vital role in my journey. They inspire me every day and I am so lucky to have them in my life!


I just had to sneak in a picture of me in my white belt. How cool???

Thanks for reading!

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Five Things Friday


We did it! We successfully made it through week two’s Tribal Council for Shrinkvivor. Team Hodari Gray is still intact. How? We won immunity! Again! J It’s great having a team that works so hard every week ensuring that we are all safe for another week. I think they said at Tribal Council that we averaged 687 exercise minutes per person. That’s 4809 minutes, or 80 hours and 9 minutes, total for the tribe. Wow! I am so impressed with this tribe. I definitely lucked out. My minutes dropped by almost two hundred between week 1 and 2 and the tribe still upped our average by 100 minutes. These ladies are powerhouses!

This week our challenge is exercise minutes again and I mentioned on Wednesday’s post that my personal goal was to exceed 900 minutes this week. I didn’t lay out my workout plan but just figured I would add a couple activities to my normal routine and voila; 900 minutes. However, by not writing it out I failed to realize I would be adding in four additional activities this week and my minutes should more realistically be over 1,000. Yay! I am hoping we can keep pushing ourselves this week and get immunity for the third week in a row.

Fifty Pounds

Yesterday I was at the Synergy Studio, my home away from home, for Nia and Qigong. Thursday Nia is usually taught by Joanie but Adelle was there instead filling in for her. Adelle is not only a black belt trainer, she has been doing Nia for 13 years (I think), she is also the studio owner and one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I could, and probably should, write a whole post just about her but today I just want to tell you about a conversation we had. The Nia classes at Synergy are taught around a focus, set by and varying by the instructor, which usually changes weekly. If you happen to go to multiple classes within the same week taught by the same instructor you will probably end up dancing the same routine. This helps to develop a better understanding of the routine but also it helps you to remember if by chance you do the routine again months later. That is what happened yesterday. I realized early in the routine that I had danced it before and that it was early on in my Nia journey. It might have even been the third or fourth class I had ever been to it was that early on. Afterwards I went up to Adelle and told her that I remembered that routine and that I remembered it was one of the first ones I had done. She said it was her routine, meaning she chose the music and choreographed it, and that it was the one they filmed in the studio. I was in it. That was back in June and I am not sure if I ever mentioned it on the blog or not but for part of her black belt training she had to record a class participating in an original routine. She told me she was just watching the video the other day while preparing for this week’s classes and that she saw me in it and could not believe how much my body has changed in the past four months. I told her that when I started at Synergy I weighed 260 pounds and I now weigh 210. She said I need to watch the video because it is amazing how different I look and how quickly it has happened. She also asked me if at some point, now or later on in my WLJ, if I wouldn’t mind writing about my story. She thinks it is something Debbie Rosas (co-founder of Nia) would be interested in hearing. I think I am ready to write my Nia story stay tuned for that post.

Talking with Adelle yesterday I had so many thoughts running through my mind; how much Nia has changed my life, how important it is to do things you love, how appreciative I am to have supportive friends and peers cheering me on, but the one thing I could not get over was how proud I was of myself. Not because I lost fifty pounds since joining Synergy or how since that time I have committed myself to bettering my life. Nope, I was proud that Dacia fifty pounds ago didn’t let her weight stop her from being filmed for a Nia video. I know I probably had some apprehension about how I would look on camera but I think even early on I felt acceptance and love from Nia and that was enough to allow me to dance while being filmed and not care about how I looked. So please, if you can take anything from this post here is the one piece of advice I hope you take to heart: don’t wait until you are ‘skinny’ to try things. That was the hardest thing for me to do, to try new things, because I was afraid people would judge me or be disgusted by me because I was fat and that stopped me so many times. I always thought to myself ‘I’ll try that, once I am skinny’ or ‘I’m too fat to do that’. If you want to try yoga or swimming or joining a local walking group do it. Do it now! You are worth it and you have every right to do the things you want to do regardless of your size, shape, age. I’ll be right here, cheering you on, because I know you can do anything you set your mind to!

Nia beats Hockey

Tonight is the first Friday night hockey game of the season. Friday night hockey is Paul’s favorite because Friday nights are dollar beer night. The game starts at 7p and now that we live on post we are less than ten minutes from the stadium which is awesome. However, Friday evenings I usually go to Nia from 5:30p to 6:30p which will more than like cause us to be late to the game. The other day I posed this scenario to Paul and gave him three options to choose from:

A. I go to Nia and we get to the game late, hopefully sometime mid-first period.
B. I go to Nia and we drive separately to the game. He gets to see the whole game and I still get to go to class
C. I skip Nia and we go to the game on time, together

Do you know which one he chose? A. of course because he is awesome and knows how important my classes are to both my physical and emotional well being. Although people may think I am crazy but if I had to prioritize I would put Nia ahead of hockey every time. That’s just the person I am now. It’s weird. I still think that I get to have it all though. I mean I do get to go to the game and the Nia class. Win-win. Oh, and Paul still gets his $1 beer. Win-win-win.

100 Day Chip

On Wednesday I received my first 30 Day Chip. You should go check it out here if you haven’t already. Now I am on day 33 working towards that elusive 100 day chip. I think only one person has ever achieved it. I hope to make that list someday. Maybe in 67 days from now, maybe in 267 days from now; we shall see how long it takes. Regardless of whether or not I get that chip the best part of this process is every day I complete I am further engraining into my memory good habits I will always want to follow. I started out on the 7 Day Chip and the 30 Day Chip counting successful days by whether or not I tracked and portioned my food and drank at least my minimum daily recommended servings of water. Now as I move on towards that 100 Day Chip I am adding a daily goal of activity. My goal is to get my body moving every day for the next 67 days straight. It doesn’t have to be a class though it can be anything active; a walk in the park, a yoga DVD, really just anything to get me moving. Each day I do so I step further away from the sedentary lifestyle I was confined to for far too long. Each day I am active I get further from the path I was headed straight towards; diabetes, heart disease, and numerous other obesity related conditions. For me, this is the best goal I could ever set for myself. It’s the goal that’s helping me get my life back.


Since I didn’t have a blog post yesterday you all missed out on work outfit #4. Here it is. Now aside from one black and white cardigan you have seen all my non-casual Friday work clothes. Also, I need to mention that the shirt from yesterday is much nicer in person. The green color that looks like baby poo in the pics is really chartreuse.





Happy Friday! Thanks for reading!

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Five Things Friday


Yesterday was nerve-racking to say the least. On Wednesday, for our Shrinkvivor check-in, we had to submit our weight, exercise minutes logged and the name of a tribe mate we were choosing to vote to exile. Then we had to wait until Thursday 8pm CST for the results. I was pretty sure my low percentage weight loss made me a very likely candidate to be exiled so it was difficult to make it through the day without obsessing on the results. Of course, I did make it through the day and as soon as I was out of my qigong class I rushed home and watched the video of tribal council revealing the results. The first announcement made was the top three tribes, in regards to weight loss percentage, and sadly Tribe Gray was not one of them. Actually our name came up next as the team with the lowest percentage of weight loss for the week meaning the entire tribe would be sent to exile. Yikes! Fortunately for our tribe we managed to win immunity and the whole tribe was saved- no one was sent to Exile Island. Phew, that was a close call. We went from the whole tribe being exiled to the whole tribe being safe in the same sentence; it was very traumatic dramatic. Hearing from my tribe last night and this morning one thing is very clear to all of us- we got lucky. I think we all know now we have to step up our game for next week knowing the other tribes will be doing the same trying to win that immunity. I am not knocking our effort last week; we totally kicked ass on the exercise minutes. Our 7 person tribe averaged 558 exercise minutes logged per person. Amazing! That means in total we racked up 3,906 minutes (65.1 hours) of exercise over seven days. That’s really impressive. Go Tribe Hodari Gray!


By now you all know about my ever growing obsession with Nia. If you happened to have read the little student of the month blurb in the Nia San Antonio newsletter you might have saw I mentioned hoping to take the Nia White Belt Intensive in 2012. Nia has become one of my passions and I want to take the WBI to learn more about it and develop myself as a student. I also want to take it because it allows me to become a Nia teacher once completed. While in San Antonio I will probably never teach a Nia class however when Paul and I move (whenever and wherever that might be) we may end up somewhere that doesn’t offer Nia classes. Being a Nia instructor might be the only way to continue on with my passion. I had been hoping to do the WBI offered in San Antonio by Joanie and Adelle, two of my favorite Nia instructors, in March 2012. Then last Saturday Adelle told me that she and Joanie were going to add a WBI this December. She then asked me what I thought about the idea of having it over two weekends instead of having it as a weeklong class. I told her for me that would be much better. Having to take a week of vacation for the course would mean no other vacations until late summer and that was the big drawback of the class in March. I kind of pushed for the split weekend setup. Then on Sunday when I saw Adelle she told me she and Joanie discussed it and decided to make the December session over two weekends but that the others on the schedule for 2012 would be the full week. This was great news for me EXCEPT for the fact that I have no vacation time (haven’t hit my 6 months yet) and that I needed to come up with the money, it’s not cheap, right away since it would be in less than 8 weeks. Thankfully my boss agreed to let me work 4-10 hour days for two weeks in a row to give me December 2 and 9 off and I was able to come up with the money, I’d prefer not to say how ;), and so in just two months time I will be a Nia White Belt. How crazy is that?

What makes this even better is that my super awesome friend Simply Sidney is doing the White Belt Intensive this November. I am so excited for her because I know she will be a fantastic Nia teacher. I think about my instructor Joanie and how 17 years age her and her best friend took the WBI and have both been dancing ever since. This year Joanie spent her Nia anniversary in Montana with that same best friend to celebrate and co-teach classes together. I think about me and Sidney and whether our future will have us celebrating our anniversary together. Will we be doing other trainings together? Will we be co-teaching classes and traveling around introducing Nia to others? I like to think we will. I know that this training will change our futures in ways we can’t even imagine. It’s a pretty amazing journey we are about to embark on.


This past Saturday was the last session in the five week yoga seminar I had been taking. I really enjoyed the class; I learned a lot and am already noticing the improvement in my practice. I am hoping they offer a ‘Yoga 2’ seminar; I would totally be on board for that. Last week I wrote about the yoga instructor who singled me out for ‘health reasons’ and I received a lot of feedback on that post telling me I should say something to her. I agreed with your comments and planned on pulling her aside and telling her that how she addressed me publicly was embarrassing and that I didn’t deserve to be treated that way. Secretly, I was hoping for an apology too for prejudging me but I wasn’t going to hold my breath on that one. Unfortunately that instructor was not there so I was never able to air my grievances. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see my favorite yogi, Tricia, in her place. Talk about a 180 from the week before; I went from having someone doubt my ability to perform based off of my weight to someone who knows my abilities and praises me for them. Yep, when I saw Tricia I pretty much freaked out and ran over and hugged screaming ‘I’m so happy you are here’. Yeah, I can be a little over the top sometimes. On a side note; Tricia, who I also go to for Thai Yoga, has been noticing my weight loss and complimenting me on it. That always makes me feel good. Compliments aside, this is why it is important to make sure the people you keep around you in your life are positive, supportive people. Friends, family, yoga instructors it doesn’t matter. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and you will find it easier to believe in yourself as well!


I am not going to lie; I am pretty nervous for game 5 of the NLDS tonight. Not because I don’t think the Phillies can win, they totally can, but because in a game 5 scenario (in a five game series) there is no room for errors. They need to come out on that field mentally and physically ready to lay it all down for those 9 innings. I really want the Phillies to win tonight. Heck I really want the Phillies to win the World Series but tonight, this game feels as important as the World Series. See, Paul’s bestie TJ is a HUGE Cardinals fan. He talks about them ALL.THE.TIME. Of course, he probably thinks I talk about the Phillies all the time but oh, well. Needless to say we have been talking smack all week about this series and I am not sure I could tolerate if the Phillies lost and I had to listen to him rub it in. I may just lose control and roundhouse kick him in the face- I can do that, you know- and nobody wants that to happen. So, today I urge you all to cheer on my Philadelphia Phillies. They need the win, I need the win. If they lose I will blame you for it. I’m from Philly, that’s how I roll 😉

Steve Jobs

It’s been a few days now and I know I am just one of the millions of people devastated by the loss of Steve Jobs. I found out of his death when I heard the announcement on the radio while driving home from class and was immediately saddened. Once I got home I went onto Twitter I found that I wasn’t alone in my grief. Most people were having the same reaction. How touching that the death of a man most of us never knew could have such a profound impact. Was it because this man revolutionized modern life or was it because we realized the impact his loss will have on our lives. My guess is it is probably a bit of both. Since the news broke I have seen countless numbers of quotes and tributes floating around, I have learned more about Steve Jobs than I had known, and truly started to realize the magnitude of his existence. If nothing else, Steve Jobs has shown us all that nothing is out of our reach. For that, I am truly thankful. May you rest in peace.

Thanks for reading!

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Nia Newsletter and Weight Watchers Update

This will be a short post today as I don’t have much free time to write. I just wanted to share with you two things.

#1 The Nia San Antonio newsletter came out yesterday and I of course immediately posted the link on Twitter and Facebook and started emailing it to anyone I thought would be interested. If you would like to read it you can click on the link below. My part is at the end of the newsletter. I asked Adelle (she not only picked me as student of the month but photographed me as well) for the pictures from when we did our ‘photo shoot’ and when she sends them to me I will be sure to share them with you. It was really fun (surprising, I know) having my photo taken for the newsletter and I think you can tell that in the photos.

Nia San Antonio Newsletter

#2 Today was my second at work Weight Watchers weigh in (since I was out sick last Tuesday) and I was nervous heading into it. You remember how devastating my last at work weigh in was (up 4.2) and how disgruntled I was about having to ‘re-lose’ the weight. To make matters worse I spent the majority of last week on the couch being sick and got in zero workouts until Friday night so I was not very optimistic. But you know me, always the worrier and usually without cause to worry. Of course having eaten breakfast and a snack made it so I hadn’t a clue what I would weigh by lunch time. In spite of the circumstances I managed to pull off a 4.6 pound loss on the scale bringing my weight down to 226.4 and those pesky 4.2 pounds are gone once again. Yay! I am super happy! Yes, because of the loss but mainly because I am getting very close to reaching two of my goals. At 224 pounds I will have lost 20% of my body weight since joining WW. My reward is a weekend trip and I really am dying to go to San Diego to visit jakennicksmomma! I hope I can make that trip out there soon. Although I may achieve my goal I still have to figure out how and when I can make the trip out there. My second goal is reaching 218 pounds. This would put me at 68 pounds lost (since starting 2/22 at 286) and that would mark my halfway point to goal. My reward- ZIPLINING! I am so super excited to go ziplining. I have never been before, nor done anything quit as extreme, and I can’t wait to give it a try. Why ziplining you might ask? Well I chose it for two reasons; because it looks like a lot of fun but more because I view it as symbolic of me crossing over from my old life, 286 pounds fat and lazy, towards my new life, 150 pounds healthy and fit. It just felt right to make ziplining my reward for achieving this goal.

Thanks for reading!

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Five Things Friday

This week has been rough, I have been battling a stomach virus and it isn’t pretty. I am very glad to be back up and around. I hate just sitting around feeling like crap; not having strength/energy to do anything. Today I am about 70% better which is a very good thing. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired 😉 So for my first post back I decided to follow the ‘three things Thursday’ format but since it is Friday I have tweaked it to five things Friday instead. Hopefully I can come up with five things to talk about.

-My friend MS has been bugging me to tell you guys about this one thing that happened to me last week. Actually there are two things but one of them isn’t set in stone so I am not going to talk about it- I don’t want to jinx it. Any who, what she wanted me to tell you is I have been selected as Nia student of the month for San Antonio. With the title comes a short write-up about me (and my photo) to be featured in the upcoming issue of the Nia San Antonio newsletter. I was chosen for this honor by Adelle Brewer, the owner of the Synergy Studio and Nia instructor extraordinaire, and when she told me I completely freaked out I was so excited. Adelle later told me that she only gets to choose the student of the month twice a year and when her turn came around she knew immediately that she wanted to pick me. What an honor! I have only been taking Nia classes for three months and to have someone pick me to be recognized is pretty remarkable. I am flattered and very grateful to have been chosen! Oh, and the newsletter is electronic so hopefully I will be able to link it to the blog. If I can’t link it I can always email it out to anyone interested in reading. It comes out next Thursday so we will just have to wait and see!

-The Lee household has gone completely football crazy and the NFL regular season just started yesterday. We have DIRECTV with NFL Sunday Ticket so we will be able to watch all of the Steelers and Eagles games which is very exciting for us. Not to mention Paul bought a new TV last Friday; just in time for the season to begin. He then later asked me if I mind if he moves the TV out of the bedroom on Sundays so we can watch multiple games at once. I of course don’t mind although I am curious as to how the logistics of it all will work. The football frenzy isn’t just affecting Paul. I am participating in two NFL fantasy football leagues as well as two NCAA fantasy football leagues. Last night I downloaded the applicable apps onto my iPhone so I can track my teams and make changes when I am away from home. I also downloaded the DIRECTV Sunday Ticket app so I can even watch football while I am at Rampage hockey games. During the period breaks, of course.

-Next Sunday, the 18th, Paul and I are heading to Austin for the Austin City Limits Music Festival. I am so unbelievably excited for this even if it will be 100 degrees outside. ACL Festival is three days long and since we bought our tickets the day they went on sale we had the choice of what day we wanted to go. We chose Sunday because it was the day that featured bands we both loved but neither of us had seen live before. I am excited for all of the acts we will see that day, AWOLNATION, Fleet Foxes, Social Distortion, the Airborne Toxic Event, however I am most excited to see Arcade Fire. I have been listening to ‘Funeral’, ‘Neon Bible’ and ‘The Suburbs’ on my iPod non-stop for weeks now. As I mentioned earlier, I have never seen any of these groups live but I did see Arcade Fire perform live at the Grammy’s and they were awesome. It’s been a long time since Paul and I have been to a concert together and years since our last music festival so anticipation levels are high. I can’t wait to share pictures and stories from the festival with you. I am also thrilled that I will be able to buy an event t-shirt and actually fit in it. The last concert I went to where I bought a t-shirt was in 2007, The Killers, and it took over 4 years until I was able to fit in it. I wear it now, proudly!

-On Monday, while I lay in a food/beer induced coma, a blog post email notification popped up from one of my favorite ladies in the blogosphere- Average in Suburbia This post was about the Versatile Blogger Award she had been given and in turn passing on to other versatile bloggers. I was fortunate enough to be one of her recipients and am excited for the chance to write up a post giving this award to other bloggers. I also realized that I had received this award from The Kitchen Tutorback in June, after I received it for the first time, and had never wrote up a post for receiving it a second time. So, this post I will be writing will include two times the information and recipients since it will be for both accounts. I was going to do that today but since I write these posts on my lunch break in a Word doc, send it to myself in an email, copy and paste it from email into a new post on my WP app, and then create all the hyperlinks and add pictures that way I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to link to 14 blogs, not to mention write about each of them, during my lunch hour. This post will have to be written at home, where I can actually access your blogs from a computer, and I don’t have to type on tiny little keys. Even though I don’t have the time now to write up the official post I just had to mention it now as it was the highlight of my week 🙂

-I have received nothing but positive feedback (thank you) in regards to first vlog so I have decided I will continue doing them regularly. The next one is scheduled for tonight and I am planning on doing a cooking vlog. Paul has agreed to film it for me. Hopefully it turns out ok, not too shaky, and I don’t end up burning anything or cutting off my finger. That would not be good. I hope you all tune in to watch- there may or may not be an announcement about my next giveaway at the end. Well, I am planning to tell you all about the next giveaway at the end of the vlog but there is a good chance I might get too caught up with the cooking and the filming and forget. Either way the details of the giveaway will be included in the post so definitely check back in this weekend to enter!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday! Thanks for reading!

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Nia Love

I have fallen in love with Nia; a blend of dance, yoga and martial arts, that leaves me feeling both empowered and free afterwards. On days, like today, when I go to Nia after work I find myself excited and filled with anticipation, like a child on the first day of school. Originally I utilized Nia as a way to get my calorie burn up and a good sweat on but it has blossomed into so much more than that. It is such a spiritual experience and I found that it brings me inner peace and self-reflection. Nia connects you to the music and your movement and allows you to create something magical. Prior to joining the Synergy Studio in early June I had never heard of Nia but after some research I found that Nia has been around since 1983, it is nothing new. Joanie, one of my Nia teachers, has just celebrated her 17th year in Nia. She is credited for bringing Nia to San Antonio; she is truly an inspirational woman and I am always honored to be in her presence.

Joanie was also the person who taught Jan, another magnificent Nia instructor at Synergy, eleven years ago. While Joanie was away last week celebrating her 17 year Nia anniversary in MT I had the pleasure of having Jan as my ‘substitute’ Nia instructor for two classes. Although I had only had class with Jan twice before, once at a Nia class she taught and the other was a Journey Dance class we both participated in, I felt connected to her spirit from the first class. She has incredible energy and an amazing personality that shines through in her dance. She was even kind enough to allow me to take her picture (after our class) for this blog.


This is Jan.

11 years with Nia.

60 years old.

She is amazing.

At the end of class Jan sometimes plays this song. The first time I heard it I asked her the name/artist and immediately went to iTunes to download it. Every time I hear it I cry. This song will forever remind me of Jan and her friendship, no matter where this life takes me. I just wanted to share this with you because it has a beautiful message that we all need to hear and take to heart.

Kinder- Copper Wimmin

If you are interested in learning more about Nia or if you want to find classes in your area you should stop by their website: Nia

Thanks for reading!

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