Weight Watchers Weekly Update

I am happy to report that even through all of the chaos this past week I was still able to pull off a loss on the scale and it was a big one – 5.2 pounds to be exact. It was my biggest weekly loss so far and I was pretty darn happy about it. This brings me down to 242.8 (getting close to saying goodbye to the 240’s) for a total loss of 37.2 pounds since joining Weight Watchers. Woo hoo! During the meeting I was awarded a 5 pound sticker (which everyone gets every time they hit another five pounds lost) and I was given a sixteen week charm (a gold pair of hands clapping with the number 16 etched in) to put on my Weight Watchers key ring that I received when I lost 10% of my initial body weight.  You receive this after you have attended 16 meetings. This past Saturday was #17 for me but they forgot to give it to me last week. After the class, Sally, my WW group leader gave me a second 5K charm for completing the 5K last week. She told me for each one I complete she will give me another charm so I can celebrate each race individually. It’s pretty cool to have these tokens to help remind me of my progress.


As you know, we are getting ready to move this week. Paul is going to sign the lease for our house on post this upcoming Wednesday and that is when the fun times officially begin. We couldn’t be happier to be moving. Almost every day we think of another reason why life will be better living on post most of which, for me, revolve around proximity to the Synergy Studio. Sometime in the next few weeks I will be joining as a monthly member (instead of buying packs of 8 or 20 classes at a time) which will allow me to take unlimited classes. I will still be doing boxing at the Club KO and Bikram Yoga (until my Groupon runs out) at Bikram Yoga San Antonio but by now I am sure you have realized that I am in love with the classes, and people, at Synergy and becoming a monthly member means I don’t have to pick one class over the other, instead I can take whatever I can fit into my schedule. This makes me extremely happy.

You will be happy to know that I did finally break down and help with the packing. Yesterday, I packed up a very large amount of the kitchen items which was no small feat. I know Paul was probably happy for the help since his ribs are still bothering him and any lifting or bending he does just irritates his injury more. Poor guy. He is pretty great though, he doesn’t really complain about the pain or the fact that I am not pitching in as much as
I should. I told him that I think subconsciously my mind feels it is ok to skip packing in order to go to classes because I had to do all of the packing for the move from Philly to San Antonio by myself and now it’s his turn ;)Seriously though, I am just so afraid of taking a week or so off and losing what little endurance I have. I may work out a lot and have definitely become far more active than I was just 5 months ago but the fact of the matter is I am still 90+ pounds overweight and a week off will make a huge impact on my physical abilities. So, I keep going to class and Paul understands why. I think it’s one thing if I skip packing, or cleaning, in order to exercise – that’s ok with him. However, if I just wanted to sit around and watch TV while he was working that would not be acceptable. I am definitely lucky to have such an understanding husband when it comes to these types of things.

Oh, and did I tell you he is training to do a half marathon in the fall? Well if I did, I lied. He is actually training to do a full marathon as part of the Army team which will be running in the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Antonio. I think that’s just crazy. I don’t know how people can run that far, for that long. It seems exhausting. I am literally getting exhausted talking about it. For all of you out there reading this who have done marathons-you are amazing! I have nothing but respect for anyone who can endure something like that. But I also think you are probably slightly mad for doing it 😉

For me, I am on a hiatus from my half marathon training. After I missed three short walks and one long walk over the past two weeks I decided I would take the next two weeks off and decide whether or not this is something I seriously want to train for. I am losing motivation to do it because outdoor walks are becoming next to impossible in this heat and I hate walking on a treadmill. It takes up so much of my time and there are so many other things (like boxing, tai chi, nia) I would rather be doing. I love walking and hiking and enjoy being outside but I am just not sure I can want to even want to continue training. It’s a tough call because on one hand I want to test my limits, to see if I could physically do it, but on the other hand I am starting to dread my walking workouts which is just no fun. So, stay tuned. In a couple of weeks I will decide what I want to do and let you know.

Well, I am off to Poi Spinning in a few minutes so I have to get going. I need to mentally prepare for what I am about to do to my body. Hopefully no more poi to the throat again 😉

Thanks for reading!


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I’m a Winner!!!

This past Saturday I participated in the San Antonio Road Runners Women’s 5K competing as a walker. I set out that morning with only one goal in mind; to beat my best outdoor time of 51:15 for three miles. Since I would be walking 3.1 miles I adjusted my goal time to include that extra tenth of a mile so basically I was just aiming for a sub 52:54 5K time. That was it, my only goal. I was racing only against myself. When I went to pick up my packet the night before I was told that walkers can only walk; absolutely no jogging/running. They actually had refs along the race route marking down your number if you were jogging/running but were competing as a runner. They were very strict because the walkers received awards too so they wanted to make sure no one cheated. I was pretty excited when I got home after picking up the registration and looked through my stuff. I was in love with the shirt we got for the race (and it fits, bonus!) and I took my bib number as a good omen.

I was pretty excited to participate in a women’s only race and was amazed at how many people were there for the race; participants, spectators, and volunteers.


I started off the race with only one goal in mind; to beat my best time. However, once the race started I was overcome with that competitive edge and I fought hard to keep up with the front of the pack. I was doing pretty well until it started to get hilly. At that point it was difficult for me to keep up with the group and I fell behind. Sorry for the blurry picture. I took while walking to try to show you one of the hills.


Even though I fell behind the others I continued to push myself as hard as I could. When I crossed the finish line I came in almost 4 minutes ahead of my personal best time at 49:35. I was freaking ecstatic to not only exceed my goals but to walk a sub 50 minute 5K. Although I wasn’t wearing a cape I certainly felt like Superwoman. See my big cheesy grin as proof.




I stayed on the curb near the finish for about 10 minutes or so cheering on the amazing women finishing the race. Strangers had clapped for me so I needed to do the same. Afterwards I headed over to meet up with Paul,
who had volunteered and had spent the race working the 2 mile mark water station, and to get some much-needed water. We spent some time talking with another walker, a women I started off the race walking with who ended up finished 3 minutes ahead of me, about different races and whatnot. Then the announcer let us know the final results were posted so we headed over to check them out and lo and behold I came in second place in my age group and 26th (out of 105) overall. I won! I came in second! I was getting a medal! I was freaking out! I finished the race crying tears of joy because I exceeded my expectations. When I saw I came in second I nearly died I was so overcome with joy. It was such a great moment. Definitely in the top ten.





So, if you ever think you can’t do amazing things you are only fooling yourself. I know you can. We all can. We can do anything we can dream of, we can achieve more, we can move mountains. All we need to do is take that leap of faith and not let anything stand in our way.

Thanks for reading!


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Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge

As you know from Friday’s post, I was planning on participating in the Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge by doing a 10K walk on Sunday. Since I found out about this event through WW I have been walking weekly and working out almost daily to prepare for it. Unfortunately, my body had different plans for Sunday’s walk. Due to the insane amount of walking I did on Saturday, in the crazy heat and humidity nonetheless, my body just couldn’t push through another long walk in the same awful weather. Instead I convinced my friend SM, who was walking with me, to do the 5K instead. So that is what we did.

SM looking great at the start of the walk!

Once we got there and signed in we were allowed to start. We all started at the same place just not at the same time. This challenge was all about the walk and being able to set goals for ourselves and complete them because of this the walk (not race) was not timed. This allowed everyone to just get out there, walk, and have some fun. SM and I were joined by one of my WW online friends, SF, whom I had only known through the WW website. It was great to finally meet her in person. She is someone who encourages me and gives me great advice through the program and hopefully will become a regular participant in my walking group.

Can you see how low the lake is? The water has receded and the bed is starting to dry up. San Antonio is hurting for rain.

The event was scheduled to start at 8am but like I said we just started once were signed in. We followed a path down to a looping trail that went around Mitchell Lake. I had never been there before but was told that it would be a dirt trail and that there would be no shade. We were lucky that it was overcast and that there was a slight breeze because it was so hot and humid, even at 8am, that without those two factors we may have collapsed somewhere along the trail. The walking was somewhat treacherous in parts; some places were paved, some dirt, and some were paved at one point but now were just broken up chunks of pavement on a very uneven surface. This made walking very difficult for me having rocks pushing up under me feet which were still blistered from the previous day. Ugh, that was definitely the downside of that trail but the three of us persevered and in no time the walk was over.

The start/end point of the walk was also where we got our goodies. Yay free stuff!

I was happy to have spent the morning with two incredible women and really did enjoy the company and comradery of the other participants in the walk. Everyone was friendly and respectful of each other which helped make it such a great experience. Once completed, those who were Weight Watchers members received a 5K charm to go on the WW key ring you receive once you have hit your 10% weight loss goal. I have not gotten 10% yet but am excited to have something to put on the key ring once I do. It is nice that WW gives you these types of tokens to serve as reminders of your successes. All in all it was a pretty great experience and I do not regret my decision to switch from the 10K to the 5K. I am actually happy I did since my feet and knees were somewhat sore after the walk. I know a 10K could have possibly pushed me over the brink and caused me to actually injure myself. It is important to push yourself but more important to know your limits.

Heaven for my poor feetsies!

Thanks for reading!

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Sunday 5K and Doggy Play Dates

On Sunday I headed out bright and early for what seems to be becoming a weekly ritual for me – walking a 5K around the Tobin trail. This time I went alone and the peace and quiet did wonders for me- totally recharged my batteries. I was a little concerned when I first got there as there were two shady characters mulling around the trail entrance. I think they were probably not shady characters but that early in the morning it is just strange to see people out there not in workout clothes so of course I was a little paranoid. To make matters worse, I walked almost a mile before I saw another person on the trail. That whole mile was spent with me constantly looking over my shoulder- there was no way an attacker was going to catch me off guard.

I didn’t take too many pictures along the way because there wasn’t much new to photograph from the previous trips. I did, however, see this unusual flower/plant and wanted to show you as it is something I had never seen before. The flower itself is a bit unusual in its shape but what I really found different were its leaves. They were hard and pointy and reminded me of a cactus. It was very unusual but very pretty, too.

After my trip to the park it was time to take our babies (our dogs) to their favorite place, the dog park. Paul and I arranged to meet our friends T&K, their baby M, and their German Sheppard Lexa at the dog park. The weather this weekend was perfect for a dog park outing as it wasn’t nearly as hot as it was last weekend. All three girls (doggies) seemed to have a great time and when we got home they all took a very long nap.

They were so excited to play that they ran off before I could get a good picture

Paul and I have been so caught up in our own lives lately so it is important for us not to forget about our dogs and making sure they are getting enough exercise and play time. It is easy sometimes to forget this as they don’t speak up and tell you what they need and if your dogs are at all like mine then they don’t mind just lounging around the house most of the time. Paul and I try to be responsible pet owners and take the best care of our dogs as we can but I do not claim we are perfect, but we try. It is nice to see big smiles like this to remind you how much they enjoy being outside playing, too.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

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Today I participated in the worldwide Word Press 5K challenge. Thanks to one of my readers who tipped me off on this event, I was able to be one of many bloggers out there walking/running today. I enlisted the help of my husband to take photos along the way. He also wore his GPS watch to keep track of our distance, pace and time. I was wearing my heart rate/calorie tracking watch and didn’t really want to be wearing two. I am only telling you this so you know the watch pics are of his (hairy) arm, not mine.




We started out at the Ira Lee entrance of the trail, which is kind of the midway point, walked the mile and a half to the trail end and turned around and walked back. We were about a quarter of a mile short of a 5K after our round trip so we kept walking until we reached the 3.1 mile mark.




We tried to take pictures at some of the mile markers but since, as I said previously, we started in the middle of the trailway and walked in a loop I hit a each marker twice. Sorry if it is confusing as to whether I am coming or going.





I really enjoyed spending this morning with my husband and taking in the scenery. We even found ourself in a face off with an opossum. Luckily, a cycler came up behind the opossum, startled him and he ran away!








I am very glad I found out about this event! It was a fun way to spend my exercise hour. Hopefully I can help inspire some of you to go out there and try a 5k- if I can do it, anyone can do it! Thanks for reading!

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