{Semi} Wordless Wednesday

Changing of the Guard


It was time to replace my scale after a few weeks of being somewhat unreliable, i.e. not turning on, not detecting weight/pressure, and although it isn’t dead completely I just couldn’t deal with the uncertainty anymore.

It’s Freaking Cold Outside


It was 28 degrees when I left my house this morning. See, it gets cold in Texas.

Car O’ Ice


My Green Monster


Since I finished off my tub of Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfood I decided to try out some of their other flavors. Today I used Amazing Grass Orange Dreamsicle Superfood (which I was kind of hesitant to buy) in my smoothie and it was fabulous!

It’s the Little Things


Thirty-three is not only my age it’s also my favorite number and whenever it pops up I take as a sign if good things to come. This morning I was happy because I had 33 emails!

My Fitness Tree


How exciting! The base of the tree is covered! Yay!

Hope you have a fabulous day and thanks for reading!


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