{Semi} Wordless Wednesday: Why I’m So Tired

Somehow I made it to work on time. I even managed to shower off the sweat and bug spray odor from last night. I wish I had my real camera so you could see the awesome stage but alas I just had my phone.

The concert was awesome. We had a great time. Kimbra, the Kooks and Foster the People are all incredible live. It was totally worth getting home after 1am last night.

The venue was really nice, too. Parking was slightly chaotic but the sound system made up for it. The Backyard is a small open air set-up outside of Austin. It was the perfect setting for this show. I hope I get to make it back there before we leave Texas- whenever that is.

If you have the opportunity to check out Kimbra, the Kooks or Foster the People live try to go. Like I said- they were all awesome live. They really put on one hell of a show!













Thanks for reading!


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Austin City Limits Festival 2011

Yesterday Paul and I spent the day in Austin for day three of the Austin City Limits Festival. It was amazing. Definitely one of the best music festivals I have ever been to and I have been to a bunch. Paul and I both agreed that if we were still in Texas next year we would go back to ACL for all three days. It was so much fun. Amazingly my phone lasted through the whole day so I was able to take lots of pictures. Here are some of my favorites.





All the food vendors were conveniently located together


They had all different arts and crafts vendors set up


The first band we saw was The Airborne Toxic Event. They were great!



Then we went over to see AWOLNATION who were also amazing live. Really, every band we saw was incredible.



My favorite flag


What an incredible view!


Social Distortion signing autographs


Aaron Bruno, lead singer of AWOLNATION


Trying to capture the beauty of Austin in the background



Hiding out, avoiding the rain that never really happened, watching We Are Augustines 🙂





Dancing alien


Social Distortion



ACL at night



Sadly I none of the pictures from Arcade Fire came out because the stage was too bright. Here are a few examples 😦



I hope to write more about the shows themselves and how we spent our day soon. For today I mostly wanted to share some photos with you. Thanks for reading!

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Wordless Wednesdays: my life at the AT&T Center

Over the past 7 days I went to five events held at the AT&T Center and then one somewhat related event- Rampage fundraiser- held at Boston’s Pizza.

*Update* I just found out that I won tickets to tonight’s Rampage hockey game, bringing my tally up to 6 events in 8 nights! Also, I wanted to note that I won the Lady Gaga tickets, too. I am having great luck winning tickets this year!

Here are some photos from these events.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Detroit Pistons

Up in the nosebleeds but we still had fun!

San Antonio Rampage vs. Oklahoma City Barons

Thursday night game versus OKC Barons. Rampage won!

All the mascots were there to celebrate T-Bone's birthday!

Thursday night was also T-Bone’s birthday- he is the mascot for the Rampage.

T-Bone says Ole!

Saturday night game versus the Manitoba Moose and also Hispanic Heritage weekend.

We had fun in spite of the Rampage losing

Final score Manitoba 7, San Antonio 2- it was a pretty rough loss

San Antonio Rampage vs. Grand Rapids Griffins

Another tough loss but this time it was our first shootout loss of the season. At least we got a point for that. Final score Grand Rapids 5, San Antonio 4

#21 Josh Lunden

Our server for the evening at Boston’s

#22 Eric Neilson

San Antonio Rampage fundraiser for SAILS- San Antonio Independent Living Services

Our favorite mascot- T-Bone

A portion of the sales and 100% of the tips donated to this wonderful, local charity which helps people living with disabilities. Plus Monica got to make out with T-Bone.

Me and Monica at Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga concert last night was amazing!

Lady Gaga Concert 03/15/11

This screen came down during set changes and played crazy awesome videos of Lady Gaga. We were pretty far back so this was easier to take pictures of than the stage itself.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was amazing. I think there were 5 different set changes and at least a half-dozen different outfits but each outfit was layers so it changed with each song. It was incredible!

Lady Gaga

I am pretty sure she was eating a heart! I liked Lady Gaga before, I LOVE her now! What an amazing performance!

I have more pictures from the concert posted on Facebook if you want to see more.

Thanks for reading!

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