Gorilla Challenge and Weight Watchers Weekly Update

OMG! I am so exhausted I can barely muster the strength to type this. There is a good chance I may fall asleep before I finish. The Gorilla Challenge was insane and completely wore me out. Not to mention it was super hot and humid today in San Antonio. But I’ll get to that in a minute. First, weigh-in update. Sadly, I gained this week. I went up .8 pounds. I think that brings my total lost on WW to 14.8 – boo that ūüė¶ I was sad at first but have moved on. I will tell you about meeting (at a new location) and the advice I got at a later time. For now I want to briefly tell you about the Gorilla Challenge.

Nope, we didn’t win. Actually we didn’t even finish. At 2:45pm, 15 minutes before the race ended, we had three more clues to make it to and take pictures at and we were about 2 miles from the finish. There was no way we could make it. After walking all over San Antonio for over 3 hours I was exhausted. I had blisters on my feet, my knees hurt, my hips were starting to hurt and I was chaffing in unmentionable areas. Did I mention it was really freaking hot outside??? So at that point we called it quits. I couldn’t make it 2 miles to the finish so we walked to the car and headed for some FOOD. We were starving! So hungry that we didn’t care how bad we smelled or disgusting we looked we needed to eat.

Now I am home and showered and icing my knees/feet. I wanted to share with you some pictures of us at different points in the race. Some are regular poses in front of somewhere/something and others we had to do different poses for. You can tell in the last picture we are not holding up very well. I hope to tell you more about the event and the clues but for today you will have to be ok with just pictures.










Thanks for reading!


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