How it all Started: Guest Post by Kelley

I’m so excited to welcome Kelley (@KelleylovesMark) to my blog. As you know, I’ve been on my WLJ for close to a year now. One thing that I found very helpful in staying on track is knowing where I started and why I chose to change. I am thrilled that Kelley chose to share with us her story, how it all started.

How it all started…

Looking back at my wedding photos and pictures from my honeymoon I was ashamed of what I saw. I was unhappy with how heavy I looked in my wedding dress and how unhappy I looked. This was supposed to be the best day of my life and I was supposed to be happy, but I wasn’t because I didn’t look the way I had dreamed I always wanted to look. From then on I knew I needed a change.

I had always thrown around the idea of starting Weight Watchers, but I had never taken the steps to join. From the beginning I knew that Weight Watchers online was the best opinion for me because I could do it all from home and it was quick and easy to stick to. On January 9, 2012 I talked over my idea with my husband and he thought it was a great idea because he knew how unhappy I was with my weight. That was the day my new life began and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been on the program from 4 weeks and so far I’ve lost 5.1 lbs. It’s been slow loss, but right away I noticed that my clothes were fitting better. I’m so happy with the program and I’ve been support by so many amazing ladies on Twitter. My journey has even inspired one of my coworkers to restart her Weight Watchers journey. I’m so happy with how everything is going and excited to see all of the changes to come!

– Thanks again to Kelley for sharing her story. Make sure to give her some love in the comments or on Twitter! Thanks for reading!


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Finding What Works: A Guest Post from Skinny Shae

I write a blog about diet, fitness and beauty, and how much it all sucks.


Depressing, right?


Luckily, I changed my attitude, and I believe my attitude change is so enlightening that I am going to tell you about it.


I gained 10 pounds after I got married in 2010. I lost those 10 pounds in 2011.


Here’s how…


Sweat. Tears. Sweat. Tears. More sweat. A lot more tears…


I am a competitive person, especially when I challenge myself. Failing is not an option. When I chose to challenge myself to lose the evil 10 pounds I put on after I got married, I thought: “Heck yes! I’m going to murder some fat!”


I thought I was going to win. After all, it worked in high school… when I had a functioning metabolism.


But again and again I did not win, and it depressed me so much that I would give up in the middle of my workout and cry. (I did not cry at the gym. I have some dignity.)


I tried several workouts: I bought and completed Insanity by Beachbody… twice. I attempted to create my own workouts by combining workouts from friends and Women’s Health Magazine.


I also tried dieting: I counted calories. I dove in to cooking at home, and I’m no cook. I even considered Nutrisystem, which is ridiculous because I cannot eat microwaved food for that long.


Nothing seemed to work. I got depressed and gave up. Time and time again.


Then, one day, I asked a former track athlete to help me with my workouts and my attitude. I worked with her at Wichita State University as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. We taught Public Speaking and shared an office. She became my workout buddy. (According to the experts, it’s good to have one of those.)


I enjoyed working out with her. I enjoyed running with her. I gave up counting calories and Insanity because neither of those options worked for me.


We joined a community exercise program, Shocker Fitness, and went to the track three days a week at 6:45 a.m., which highlighted another turning point for me. I am not a morning person.


Unlike Insanity, and the other workout programs I tried, I fell in love with running on the track in the morning dark.


Before Shocker Fitness, I thought I had tried everything. I thought I was hopeless. I thought I would never enjoy exercise.


I was wrong.


I had not tried everything. I was not hopeless. I do enjoy exercise. I just had to find the right program.


I lost the 10 pounds I had gained after I got married, but I gained a positive attitude toward fitness and health. I also gained self-esteem, which I had lost at some point in 2010.


Fitness isn’t fast. I expected it to be. I learned how to accept the process, and I learned how to love the body I was given – metabolism malfunctions, stretch marks, cellulite and all.

Thank you to Skinny Shae for this amazing and inspirational post. You can check out her blog at  

Thanks for reading!

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Guest Post: the Reluctant Weight Watchers Foodie!

Hey Everyone!  Angela here (aka. The Reluctant Weight Watcher Foodie).  When Dacia asked if there was anyone interested in guest blogging for her, I immediately jumped at the opportunity!  She did that for me and it was about time I returned the favor.  I just had to figure out what to write about.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself.  I’ve been overweight my whole life, but it never really held me back.  I was content.  I didn’t have problems with socializing or dating or traveling… just minor concerns about how I looked (like any person does when they are getting ready to go somewhere) and I just pushed them aside.  I was a strong, confident BBW (still am)!  Then I met the love of my life and realized that if I wanted to have a family, I needed to lose weight.  Pregnancy (and parenthood) is EXPENSIVE and beautifully chaotic, so getting in shape became more important than ever.

I’ve been on (and off) Weight Watchers since November 2010.  My journey has been a bit different from Dacia’s.  She’s a machine!  I’m… an A/C set on auto.  Sometimes I’m on, sometimes I’m off.  Depends on the weather.  That’s my personality, though.  I get focused on one thing for a while, let most other things fall to the side and then I have to take a step back and re-gather my senses before moving forward again.  Right now, I’m back on!  In the past 14 months I’ve lost almost 45 lbs, but I still have about 110 lbs to go.  But hey!  It’s almost 1/3 of the way there.

Enough about my story, though.  Time to talk about my passion.  FOOOOOOOOOOOD.  Why do you think I got to over 300 lbs in the first place?  I love food.  I love new tastes and textures and flavor combinations and kitchen appliances.  I used to cook amazing full fat alfredo and Thai curries and brownies.  Now, I cook amazing LOW-fat alfredo, curry and brownies…. plus a lot of other stuff!  In fact, I’ve learned so much about how to create amazing healthy dishes that I think I finally figured out which career path I’m meant to pursue: Culinary Arts Extraordinaire!  This girl is going to culinary school!  Not sure when, but I’m hoping to be attending Le Cordon Bleu sometime within the next couple years.  Then I’ll know all the right techniques to really bring delicious, healthy food to the next level.

Right now, I enjoy combing through cookbooks and trying out new recipes to inspire my taste buds.  Then I share them with all my readers!  Now, I know that Dacia is happy vegan these days (so happy for her!), but I like meat.  And I’m sure that at least SOME of you readers out there like meat too, right?  I’ve decided to share a recipe with you since that’s what I do best 🙂

This recipe was inspired by one of my favorite cookbooks, the Best Ever Indian Cookbook. I’ve really been into Indian cuisine lately.  The depth of the flavor is incredible and there are actually quite a lot of dishes that come out to be really low in WW PointsPlus.  Many of the dishes are also SUPER fast to cook from start to finish, so as long as you have all your ingredients (and cooked rice in the fridge), you can make a delicious, different meal for yourself or your family in hardly any time.

Chopped Lamb with Curry Leaves and Chile

Servings: 2

PointsPlus Per Serving: 3


– 1 tsp oil, 1PP

– 1 medium onion, diced

– 5 curry leaves

– 3 green chiles (I used Thai chiles)

– 4 oz trimmed leg of lamb, 3PP (I bought a big lamb leg cut it up into 4 oz portions and froze them. It ended up being about $2 per portion which isn’t too bad! Plus, the meat is so tender!)

– 1/2 tsp crushed or minced garlic

– 1/2 tsp grated fresh ginger root (I peel mine, freeze it and grate it on demand. Faster, less mess, same intensity as if it was fresh!)

– 1/8 tsp turmeric

– 1/2 tsp salt

– 1 medium zucchini, sliced into half moons

– 3 mini sweet peppers, diced


1. Take your lamb and chop it up into really small pieces, almost as if it was ground. If you are comfortable using a food processor to do this, go ahead.

2. Heat the oil in a wok or saute pan and fry up the onion, curry leaves and chiles.

3. Put the lamb into a bowl and mix in the garlic, ginger and spices.

4. Add the lamb mixture and salt to the onions and stir-fry for about 5-7 minutes.

5. Add the peppers and zucchini and stir-fry for another few minutes. Serve hot and enjoy!

This dish is best served with either brown rice or even with eggs!  And if you DID want to make it vegan, all you’d need to do is switch out the lamb for either chopped mushrooms or maybe tempeh or seitan.  You can also put in as much of the veggies as you’d like, just adjust the spices to match the amount. And as for any of the ingredients that you wouldn’t normally have in your house, just find a local asian grocer and you should be able to find them for a really good price.

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Where Am I?

Hello to all the thirty-three and counting readers! I am not here today. I am over at my friend Shrinking Carrie’s blog. Carrie recently started a twenty-one day vegan challenge and is really loving it! She kindly reached out to me to ask if I would share my vegan story with her readers and here it is: Proof is in the Pudding…Vegan Pudding (Guest Post)

Please check it out and be sure to leave Carrie some love and encouragement for her on her journey!

Thanks for reading!

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How We Made It

I was asked by Liza and Ariel over at Let Love Rule to share my story of how Paul and I survived a long distance relationship. This was a great opportunity for me to share some of my past while hopefully encouraging others to foster and strengthen their relationships. Please stop by and give it a read! While you are there, please give these two amazing people some blog love! They deserve it!

Let Love Rule

Thanks for reading!

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