I’m a Winner!!!

This past Saturday I participated in the San Antonio Road Runners Women’s 5K competing as a walker. I set out that morning with only one goal in mind; to beat my best outdoor time of 51:15 for three miles. Since I would be walking 3.1 miles I adjusted my goal time to include that extra tenth of a mile so basically I was just aiming for a sub 52:54 5K time. That was it, my only goal. I was racing only against myself. When I went to pick up my packet the night before I was told that walkers can only walk; absolutely no jogging/running. They actually had refs along the race route marking down your number if you were jogging/running but were competing as a runner. They were very strict because the walkers received awards too so they wanted to make sure no one cheated. I was pretty excited when I got home after picking up the registration and looked through my stuff. I was in love with the shirt we got for the race (and it fits, bonus!) and I took my bib number as a good omen.

I was pretty excited to participate in a women’s only race and was amazed at how many people were there for the race; participants, spectators, and volunteers.


I started off the race with only one goal in mind; to beat my best time. However, once the race started I was overcome with that competitive edge and I fought hard to keep up with the front of the pack. I was doing pretty well until it started to get hilly. At that point it was difficult for me to keep up with the group and I fell behind. Sorry for the blurry picture. I took while walking to try to show you one of the hills.


Even though I fell behind the others I continued to push myself as hard as I could. When I crossed the finish line I came in almost 4 minutes ahead of my personal best time at 49:35. I was freaking ecstatic to not only exceed my goals but to walk a sub 50 minute 5K. Although I wasn’t wearing a cape I certainly felt like Superwoman. See my big cheesy grin as proof.




I stayed on the curb near the finish for about 10 minutes or so cheering on the amazing women finishing the race. Strangers had clapped for me so I needed to do the same. Afterwards I headed over to meet up with Paul,
who had volunteered and had spent the race working the 2 mile mark water station, and to get some much-needed water. We spent some time talking with another walker, a women I started off the race walking with who ended up finished 3 minutes ahead of me, about different races and whatnot. Then the announcer let us know the final results were posted so we headed over to check them out and lo and behold I came in second place in my age group and 26th (out of 105) overall. I won! I came in second! I was getting a medal! I was freaking out! I finished the race crying tears of joy because I exceeded my expectations. When I saw I came in second I nearly died I was so overcome with joy. It was such a great moment. Definitely in the top ten.





So, if you ever think you can’t do amazing things you are only fooling yourself. I know you can. We all can. We can do anything we can dream of, we can achieve more, we can move mountains. All we need to do is take that leap of faith and not let anything stand in our way.

Thanks for reading!



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