December Monthly Update

As you may remember back in September I had set a goal to lose 7 pounds a month, each month from September through December. That was my weight loss goal. Then in late November I decided I was going to set some additional goals to help me get through the holidays focused and on plan and that would ensure I had a little fun too. So let’s see how I did with my December, 2011 goals.

Lose seven pounds: my starting weight December 1st was 193.0 pounds, my weight January 1st was 179.4 for a total loss of 13.6 pounds! Not only did I hit my goal, I almost doubled it.

-Hit 186 pounds by the end of the year. See above 🙂

 -Complete the Sisterhood’s 25 days of fitness challenge: not only did I exercise all 25 days of the 25 day challenge, I finished the month out strong and exercised every day in December. 31 for 31, baby!

Plan out workouts while my parents are in town: it wasn’t always easy but I somehow managed to pull myself out of bed every day at 4am so I could go to the gym before work. I am pretty sure the only reason I was able to do it was because I had everything planned out.

– Plan out some fun things to do while my parents are in town: I had so much fun with my parents while they were here. We did get to do some of the things planned but not all of them. My dad is still having complications from the surgery he had in August that limited what he was able to do. All in all everyone had a great time. It was a fabulous and very relaxing Christmas!

– Hit the gym at least once a week with Paul: I went to the gym at least once a week (sometimes even 3 or 4 times) with Paul and it was awesome.

 – Blog three times a week: on average I blogged 3 times I week, I think I had 17 posts for the month, but there was a week in there where I only got two posts in.

 – Donate to charity: It took me until the end of the month but I was able to get a few (small) donations made before the end of the year 🙂

– Try a new recipe every week: Although I couldn’t name every recipe I tried off the top of my head I for certain tried at least one a week.

Bake Paul’s very belated birthday cookies: this is so sad. I still never made Paul’s birthday cookies. I did, however, make him three other types of cookies so I am thinking I am off the hook. Hopefully 😉

I didn’t set any new goals for January (aside from my resolutions) and I haven’t set a weight loss goal for the month. I am not sure I will either. I was updating my weight loss goals page on the blog the other day and I added my final two goals; reach a healthy weight and maintain it. That’s it. Those are my last two goals as far as my weight goes. I am just under thirty pounds from being at a healthy weight and normal BMI and I am ok with not setting any goals for how quickly I can get there. I am putting my health first and every decision I make is to help get me healthier so I know I will get there. That’s about all I have to say about that.

I hope you were able to read my post from Friday about the New You Challenge. If you are interested in participating you can start at any time. This is a personal challenge, not a competition, so please feel free to start up whenever you can.

One last thing before I go. I just have to point out that December was a crazy month for me weight loss wise. It was my largest monthly loss and percentage. I follow the Weight Watchers plan. I use all my daily points. I eat some of my weekly points too. I am not starving myself or doing anything in an unhealthy manner to create a big loss. Yes, I did workout every day in December but I am pretty sure I did every day in November too, that’s not anything new. I did however learn that after 12 weeks of following a plant-based/vegan diet your body reaches its full potential. December 31st marked 12 weeks for me eating vegan and I am pretty sure that is a very big reason I had such high numbers this month. Who knows. I just don’t want you to read this and feel discouraged because you didn’t lose the same amount I did this month. We are all different, our bodies are different. Even if you and I weighed the same and were the same height and ate the same foods there is no guarantee we would lose the same. Embrace the journey you are on and know that making your health your priority will get you to where you need to be.

Thanks for reading!


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Monthly Updates and Events

Holy smokes, today is December 1st. Although I am not shocked by the date, I have been waiting for this day to come for months, it certainly doesn’t feel like December 1st for me. That’s probably because I live in Texas and was just walking around downtown on my lunch break sans coat- its 74 degrees outside right now. Isn’t that crazy? I am very excited that December is here. December brings Christmas and a visit from my parents as well as my Nia White Belt Intensive and the 25 Days of Fitness challenge (through the Sisterhood) both of which start today. This month is going to be busy but I know it will be great!

Today was also exciting because it was my monthly weigh in to see if I reached my November goal of losing seven pounds. I should note that I try to measure myself on the first day of every month but I had an awful nightmare last night and woke up 30 minutes later than planned so I didn’t have the time this morning but I will make sure to do it tomorrow and post my results on the measurements page. I did have time enough to weigh myself and take my BMI and body fat percentage and here are the results.

Weight 11/1- 205.0 pounds, weight 12/1- 193.0 pounds

Monthly loss: 12 pounds! Woot! Goal met!

BMI 11/1- 33.6, BMI 12/1- 31.6- down to whole points! Yay!

I would like to note something here; when I first started tracking BMI/body fat 8 months ago my BMI was 45.2 which put me in the worst category, obese class III, and now I am less than two points away from the overweight category. That makes me so happy being so close to mobbing from obese to overweight because after that comes normal/average- where I am working hard to get to.

Body Fat Percentage 11/1- 35.2%, BF percentage 12/1- 33.8%- a change of 1.4%

My initial body fat percentage on 4/2 was 41.8% (which is crazy) so I am happy to be down 8% in eight months. That’s progress, baby!

My Nia White Belt Intensive starts this evening. I will be heading to the Synergy Studio straight from work to dance with the 530p class and then our training officially begins immediately afterwards. Tonight is only a couple of hours and they expect us to be finished by 830p. The rest of my training schedule is as follows; this weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7am-645pm. Back to work Monday through Thursday (6am-5p) and then the following weekend I will complete the Nia WBI; training classes Friday & Saturday 7am-645p and then Sunday 7am-3pm. After we finish at 3p on Sunday December 11 there is a 4pm Nia class and I will be participating in that as well. My friend KH, whom I box with, said she will come to the class to celebrate with me completing the WBI. KH also came to the studio on Thanksgiving for Nia and she really liked it so I was really glad she was willing to come back and dance with me again. I kind of have an idea of what to expect for the six days I will be in training as my friend Simply Sidney just went through it a few weeks ago but I am sure it will be much more intense, informative and eye-opening than I can imagine. I am excited though and I can’t wait to come back and talk about with you once I have finished. Until then, here is (vague) description of what the Nia White Belt Intensive entails.

“The Nia White Belt Training is the first level of a five-belt training series that presents a body-centered approach to health, wellness and fitness. If you have a desire to share Nia in a professional capacity, the White Belt Training is your entryway into teaching. Those who choose to pursue the path of personal enrichment use this training as a starting point for becoming a master student.

Over the course of one week, you will comprehensively explore physical sensation through five core-competency areas of study including movement, music, anatomy, science and philosophy. This joyful journey into the self is instrumental in helping you develop body knowing by learning to listen, interpret and consciously respond to the information your body communicates to you via sensation.”

From the Nia website

The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans has come up with a great challenge to help us all keep active this holiday season- the O Fitness Tree 25 days of exercise challenge. I keep calling it the 25 days of fitness because for whatever reason that’s what is stuck in my head. They provided us a pdf of a Christmas tree (that looks like an advent calendar) and every day we exercise we give ourselves a sticker. Currently my tree is bare and hanging up at my desk but when I am back in the office Monday I will be decorating it with four stickers 🙂 There is also a tree hanging up on my fridge but it’s not mine; it’s Pauls. He decided to do the challenge with me to be supportive which just made me so happy. This morning I saw the tree and the pack of stickers hanging on the fridge and I almost started crying. I know it seems trivial but having him support me through things like this means the world to me. I am one lucky girl!


Since I am going to be out of commission the next few days I decided to post my fitness plan for the next week and then next Thursday I will report back as to how I did and show you pictures of my tree. I think weekly updates will work much better than daily. If you are also participating and blogging about it please leave me a link in the comments so I can check it out.

Thursday: Nia WBI

Friday: Nia WBI

Saturday: Nia WBI

Sunday: Nia WBI

Monday: yoga at lunch and kickboxing at 6p (hopefully I have enough energy to box)

Tuesday: Nia at 530p

Wednesday: yoga at lunch and hot Vinyasa yoga at 6p

Check back next week to see how I did!

I mentioned earlier in the post how I am excited that my parents are coming for Christmas. I mentioned the other day that I wanted to plan some fun things to do while they are here. Yesterday I got an emailed monthly newsletter from Jodi Roberts, who does the Sound Journey sessions with gongs and Tibetan bowls, and she has a concert on December 21st. The event is the Christmas Solstice Bells and Bowls Concert at the Boerne Yoga Center so I checked with my parents and they want to go. So there’s one activity planned; only 6 more days to fill 😉 I frequently talk to my parents about the things I do and although I would love for them to take a Nia or Journey Dance class I know they can’t do that so I am glad they can do this with me. They are hippies so this is right up their alley!

Thanks for reading!

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Shrinkvivor Weekly Check-In: Tribe Hodari Gray

This week has been crazy and I haven’t had the free time needed to write up my usual blog posts. This morning, however, I was up at 4am (ok, I hit snooze until 420a) in order to weigh in for Shrinkvivor. Since I was up an hour earlier than usual I had some extra time to write up a short post about my check in. No worries though, life should be back to normal tomorrow and my lengthy mind-numbing posts will be back 😉

My favorite visitor was in town this week, yes I am referring to my period, and I never know whether or not I will lose during my TOM. I was pretty excited to step on the scale this morning and see 209.2 pounds. Not only am I down 1.6 pounds from last Wednesday (woo hoo!) I am now less than ten pounds away from leaving the 200’s. Let me say that again- LESS…THAN…TEN…POUNDS!!! You have no idea how happy this makes me. Yes, I know that I still have a long road ahead of me until I am at a healthy weight/BMI/body fat% but crossing over that huge hurdle from 200’s to 100’s will be a big accomplishment for me. It’s been a very long time since my weight started with a ‘1’. I am not sure how long but if I had to guess it’s probably been the better part of a decade.


I would like to note also that I am very happy with a 1.6 pound loss. I would be lying if I said that seeing a four or five pound loss wouldn’t have made me happy but the truth of it is that 1.6 pounds makes me even happier. Why? Because that is what I should be losing weekly. Yes, I love those big numbers and it is exciting to see them propelling me closer to my goal but in reality I do want to lose at a slower, constant rate. It’s not only healthier for me but it’s better for my body (meaning loose skin/toning) to lose that way. Unfortunately I have no control over how my body loses weight meaning I pretty much do the same things; exercise, food, sleep, each week and yet one week I lose 4 pounds and the next I lose 1 pound. I think that ovulation and menstruation are playing into this as well. Whenever my hormones are fluctuating so is my weight loss. I guess that is just part of life though, right? I will just keep making the best decisions I can in regards to my health and accept the way my body loses/gains in the process.

Our Shrinkvivor challenge was logging exercise minutes. This week I set my personal goal for this challenge to reach/exceed 900 minutes. My end result – 1,060 minutes logged. That’s 17 hours and 40 minutes which in my opinion is pretty crazy. However, while it is happening during the week it doesn’t seem excessive so I guess that’s a good thing, right?

How did I do it? How did I log a couple hundred more minutes this week versus the week prior? What happened was a few activities popped up this week that I wanted to participate in and in turn I also wanted to take part in my regular classes so I just added them in. There was a free yoga class that was held at McAllister Park on Saturday and it was such a beautiful day I had no other choice but to get out there and participate. Then on Sunday we had our monthly Ecstatic Dance meetup and I couldn’t miss that either. I also added in a lunchtime walk on Friday which wasn’t an activity I previously had done but going forward might be something I keep on the schedule. I say it all the time, and I don’t mean to be a broken record, but this is why it is important to find activities you love doing. I logged over seven hours of activity between Saturday and Sunday events; Tai Chi, yoga, dancing, and I couldn’t have been happier. I felt fabulous inside and out and I was still able to spend the rest of those days enjoying quality time with Paul. So, yes, I am happy that once again our weekly challenge is logging activity minutes but even if it wasn’t I would still keep doing what I do. It’s what I love. It makes me stronger. It makes me healthier. It makes me happier. Regardless of the outcome of Shrinkvivor I am already a winner. I won my life back. That’s the ultimate prize.

Best of luck to all Shrinkvivor participants this week!

Go Tribe Hodari Gray!

Thanks for reading!

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Weight Watchers Update – Week 27

So today I had my Weight Watchers meeting which of course meant I also had my weekly weigh in. Did I tell you that our last WW leader quit after three weeks? She basically left us to go be a leader at another at work location that had 80 people instead of our group of 17. That was kind of a crappy thing to do especially since she was brand new. The leader before her moved to Houston so she was her replacement. Then two weeks ago we find out that she isn’t coming back and that we may have to move (or cancel) our session because WW couldn’t find another group leader to come take over for her. Luckily, they found us a replacement and boy was I happy when I found out who it was. It was Sally, my group leader from my Saturday meetings. I love her. She is a great leader and motivator and I really missed going to her meetings. It is nice to be able to see her again and she was actually very happy to see me. She mentioned both this week and last that having me, someone she already knew, in her groups makes her feel more comfortable. I thought that was pretty cool. Isn’t it funny how things work out some times?

Well, today was a pretty crazy day for me. I woke up this morning and weighed myself- 217.2 pounds! I was ecstatic because this meant I had reached and passed the halfway point on my journey to getting to a healthy weight. I started off at 286 and am hoping to get to 150 (the top of my healthy weight range) which makes 218 is the halfway point. Score! It only took 7 months and 5 days for me to get there. Amazing! Another thing I was excited about was my WW weigh in later in the day because I knew I had lost some substantial weight over the past week. I couldn’t gauge what number I would see on the scale at my WW meeting (having had breakfast/snacks/water, weighing in midday) but I was pretty confident it would be a loss. Man was it ever. I lost 7 pounds this week! At my meeting I weighed in at 219.4 pounds, a whopping 7 pound drop from last week. That’s just crazy. That is a baby-sized amount of weight. I lost a freaking baby! I can’t get over it. LOL! Even better, I am now only 0.8 pounds from reaching my at work goal which will get me 50% reimbursement at the end of the 17 week session. Sweet!

Now I know what you are thinking; 7 pounds is too much, it’s not healthy, she must be starving herself, or something along those lines. I agree, 7 pounds is too much to lose in one week but I feel like really this is more like two weeks weight loss being reflected in one. First of all, last week when I weighed in it was my time of the month. I was bloated and that definitely affected my weight last week. Once the bloating was gone I noticed a significant drop in the pounds. Another factor is that I changed up what I was eating when I noticed I was becoming constipated and knew that what I was eating was affecting that. Once I changed my diet I became more regular and that helped a lot too. Yes, I am basically saying I was full of crap and that I pooped a lot this week. I know its TMI but if I am going to be honest with you and tell you what changed, what caused a 7 pound loss; those two reasons would be why. And no, I don’t expect to see a 7 pound loss next week or even ever again but I am happy for making good changes that helped push me through a rough patch.

Tomorrow is our first official weigh in for Shrinkvivor. I will be getting up at 4:45am with Paul so he can photograph the scale. I need to document my weekly weights for the contest and although it means getting up a half hour earlier I am ok with it. Tomorrow is my first at work lunchtime yoga class so I need to get to work a half hour earlier anyhow so really it works out perfectly. I am excited for the class and for this contest. I love that I am putting myself out there and trying new things. Old Dacia would have been too ashamed of that number on the scale to ever have participated in a weight loss contest. New Dacia knows she is so much more than that number on the scale and I hope you do too! That is the most important thing I have learned on this journey; don’t let that number define who you are or determine your worth!

Thanks for reading!

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Three Things Thursday

I read another post this morning titled ‘Three Things Thursday’ which inspired me to follow the same theme.

– It’s September 1st which means it’s time to see if I met my monthly weight loss goal of 10 pounds. Drum roll please….dadadadadadada…YES, yes I did! For the first time since March I have managed to lose ten pounds. On August 1st I weighed in at 240.8 and this morning I was at 227.8 for a loss of 13 pounds. Woo Hoo! So, Paul if you are reading this I think this is cause for a celebration or maybe presents. I like presents! 😉 Also, it is September 1st so I need to set new monthly goals. Simply Sidney was the only commenter yesterday who responded to my question on what I should do for my new goal. She had a few ideas; she mentioned my end of year goal, the possibility of lowering it to eight pounds or maybe make what I lost this month my goal for next month. Since I don’t want to try to lose 13 pounds again I have decided to set my goal to equal the monthly loss required to get me below 200 pounds by the end of the year; 7 pounds per month. Thanks for the great idea Sidney! Now I am set for the next few months and then once we are into 2012 I will set some new ones.

– I am switching up my workout schedule….again. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, actually changing your workout routine is recommended. However, the reason I am doing it is not to prevent muscle memory or to increase weight loss, it is because my yoga instructor is injured and will not be teaching for awhile which sucks. Tricia is awesome and I love her and love how she teaches yoga. Originally I was going to her class twice a week until her Tuesday yoga was canceled due to a scheduling conflict on her end. After that change a few weeks ago, adding in Pilates in place of that yoga class, I was only taking one yoga class a week; Tricia’s Hot Vinyasa yoga class. Then yesterday I go to class and find out she is injured and will be out for an extended period of time and in her place was a different yoga teacher. I stayed for the class because even though I liked Tricia so much I still wanted to do yoga and thought I should at least give this yoga instructor a shot. Unfortunately I left that class frustrated, achy, and miserable. The substitute instructor taught in a manner that made it very hard for me to follow along and execute the poses correctly. She didn’t show us, she didn’t do them along with us. I have never before been in a yoga class where the instructor didn’t do the poses and I realized really quickly that I am a visual person and I NEED to see what my body is supposed to be doing. She would tell us to do something like raise our arms but nothing more so some people had their arms up, some had them out, some had them up and out, it was very confusing. I would look around the room so I could see others and mirror their poses but no one was doing the same thing. It was bad. I left there feeling like I had spent 75 minutes contorting my body into positions it shouldn’t have been in. Last night my left knee was killing me and today my back and neck are sore. Awesome. Needless to say, I won’t be going back to her class. I don’t want to risk hurting myself. Once Tricia is back I will resume classes but until then no Wednesday Hot Vinyasa yoga for me. Luckily, my 5 week yoga seminar is starting this Saturday and a new class has been added to the Synergy Studio schedule on Sunday nights that is yoga and meditation (it’s kismet) and so I am not going to be without yoga in my schedule. Now I just need to figure out what I should do on Wednesday’s in place of yoga?

– Labor Day weekend is right around the corner and I am very excited to have a three day weekend. Paul has a four day weekend (lucky bastard!) and so he is coming downtown tomorrow to meet me for lunch. I really enjoy it when Paul has Fridays off and we get to meet up for a bite to eat. It is a nice treat and will be a great start to our weekend. My weekend is pretty packed but I don’t mind. I like keeping busy. Tomorrow I will be at work and then will be going to Nia Fun Fridays at 530p. Hopefully I will be able to record my first vlog tomorrow night. Side note: I have received some great questions and can’t wait to answer them. If you want to ask me anything please submit your question by tomorrow afternoon/evening or else they won’t make the cut 😉 Saturday is my first yoga seminar class at 11am and I am not sure whether or not I want to take my usual Saturday classes (Tai Chi and Nia) beforehand. I am going to ask the studio owner and see what she recommends. Saturday is also the first Penn State football game so after yoga I will be heading home to watch the game with Paul. Saturday night is the next to last home game for the Silver Stars so MS and I will be there cheering them on. Sunday morning is Journey Dance and then we are having our friends over for a barbeque. We are cooking/making everything ourselves so hopefully I will be able to stay on track since I will be surrounded by good food choices that day. It should be fun. We plan on playing some ladder golf, drinking some beers (wine for me) and spending some time with some really great people. If I can fit it in I would love to go to the first 7p yoga/meditation class but if we still have company or if I am too tipsy I won’t go. I am also really excited for Monday, my day off, because I can take classes I usually miss since they are during my work hours. I am going to take an 8am Nia class and a 915am Pilates class. Lately I have been going to boxing classes on Monday evenings but the gym is closed so I might even hit up the 530p Nia class as well. My weigh in is Tuesday and I might have a lot of extra weekend calories to burn off. Hopefully on Monday Paul and I can spend some quality time together, maybe go to a movie or something. Now that he is injured we are missing out on time we spent boxing/working out together. Thankfully he has friends, and video games, to entertain him while I am at class every night J All in all, I think it is going to be an awesome weekend and I cannot wait for it to start! What do you have planned for the holiday weekend? Are you going away or staying in town? Either way, I hope you have a great time.

Thanks for reading!

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Weight Watchers Weekly Update

Well, I did it. I survived my first Tuesday afternoon workplace weigh-in although I did not come out unscathed. Before I get to that I should tell you about my weigh in on Saturday morning. I went to my normal meeting location on Saturday because I had to get my WW information card (so my new location has my weight loss history) and I decided to weigh in while I was there. I am happy to report I was down two pounds, bringing my weight to 226.8 pounds, weight loss on WW to 53.2 and my total overall weight loss to 59.2 pounds. Yes! Happy dance! Oh, and I am now only 2.8 pounds away from reaching my 20% milestone. I cannot believe I am so close to having lost 20% of my starting body weight. Actually, that happened last week when I weighed in at 228.8; which is exactly 80% of my starting weight of 286. However, what I am referring to is hitting my 20% goal from my starting Weight Watchers weight- confusing right? I know. It confuses me all the time. Now it’s about to get worse because now I have a starting weight from my at work meetings that will be the point from which my target weights are calculated. For example, to receive 50% reimbursement of my WW fees from my company I have to lose 5% of my starting weight- my weight from yesterday’s meeting. For the sake of my personal sanity, I am not going to think of this as another new weight. Instead I will treat it as what it is – my current WW weight- and just keep in the back of my mind what I need to lose to hit that 5%.

11.6 pounds. That’s what I have to lose over the next 17 weeks in order to get 50% reimbursement. I think that is totally manageable but who knows, holiday season will quickly be upon us. My willpower has not yet been tested against the things I crave the most during the holidays; cookies. Oh my, the never-ending stream of cookies. That’s how I feel about the holidays. It’s like an all you can eat buffet of cookies (and other things too) and I am not sure how well I will be able to hold up. I will try my best to practice restraint though instead of depriving myself. Deprivation will lead to an all out free for all cookie bonanza so I have to make sure to allow myself to indulge while practicing moderation. Any who, sorry for my cookie rambling. Where was I? Yes, my weigh in yesterday. Ugh! It was pretty damaging. I woke up yesterday, stepped on the scale, 226 pounds. A few minutes later I was dressed in my work clothes, stepped on the scale 229.6. Yikes! I knew right then that my weight in the afternoon was going to be high. By 12p I had already eaten breakfast and a snack (no matter what that scale may say – I am not waiting 7 hours to eat, I refuse to starve myself for that scale) and had already drank almost 3L of water so I wasn’t shocked when I stepped on and weighed in at 231 pounds. No I wasn’t surprised but it still sucks being back in the 230’s, having to spend the next few week re-losing weight I have already lost, seeing a +4.2 on my weight tracker (the most I had gained to this point was 0.8), and knowing that every Tuesday at 12p I will be weighing in 5 pounds heavier than I really am. Blerg! Oh, well. I need to get over myself and move on, right? It’s only five pounds. But damn it if all I can’t keep thinking is they are five pounds I busted my butt to lose. Those five ‘fake’ pounds will be my nemesis. I need to really push myself this week because I need to get back to the 220’s especially since I am now 7 pounds away from my 20% instead of 2.8 pounds away L Sorry, I don’t mean to vent and complain. I know in a few days that gain will not be a concern but today it is still resonating with me. I just needed to let it all out so I can clear my head and move on.

Did you know that tomorrow is September 1st? Can you believe it? Where did the summer go? It is Labor Day weekend already! Of course, it is still in the 100’s here with no sign of summer leaving us anytime soon but still summer is ending and hockey season is right around the corner. Crazy! September 1st also means that tomorrow I will weigh in (at home as I did on August 1st) and see if I met my goal of losing ten pounds in the month of August. When I initially set up my goals I had set only planned for the monthly goal of losing ten pounds to last for the first six months. I thought that after six months my weight loss would have slowed (because I would weigh less) and so I didn’t think 10 pounds would be a realistic goal past that point. Well, it has been six months and so now I need to come up with a new monthly goal. What do you think I should do? Should I leave it at 10 pounds for the next few months or maybe lower it to 8 pounds or should I not have a weight loss related monthly goal at all? I would love to hear what you think so please feel free to comment away! Also, make sure to check back in a few days to see if I reached my goal this month and look for new monthly measurements to be posted!

Before I end this post I want to share something with you, something that happened to me yesterday that really opened my eyes to how much I have progressed over the past six months both mentally and physically. Yesterday was one of those crap days where nothing seemed to be going right. I had an awful night’s sleep; at one point around midnight I woke up out of dead sleep freaking the eff out that I overslept – that was no fun, I woke up three other times throughout the night- twice to pee and the other was at 4am to let the dogs out. I ended up getting an hour ‘nap’ in before getting up at 520a for work. Of course I woke up exhausted, was scatter brained trying to get ready for work, left the house late, work was filled with meetings and angry employees (our local paper published our salaries online, by employee name nonetheless, so everyone now knows what everyone else makes- can you say tension?) and then an awful +4.2 at my weigh in. It was just one of those days where I just felt like crap and wanted to go home, put on my PJs, sit on the couch watching TV and eating junk food. Instead I forced myself to go to Pilates. My normal Tuesday is Pilates and Nia classes back to back but I wasn’t feeling like doing both. Luckily I was able to talk myself into going to at least one or I would have ended up on that couch. Do you know what happened about 20 minutes into Pilates? At that point I knew I would stay for Nia and all the crap and blahness I felt was gone. By the time I left the Synergy Studio after my Pilates and Nia classes I felt fabulous. I felt alive, awakened, refreshed and so happy I didn’t jip myself out of those experiences. This made me stop and wonder what I did before I had this outlet, this way to get myself out of a funk. Then I realized that I did nothing. Old me would have gone home and vegged in front of the TV mindlessly snacking away. The old me would have still felt miserable and then continued to feel miserable every day after. I know this is true because this is how I felt for a very long time. Now I have a way to get rid of those feelings and it is great. Yes, working out does make you happy- it’s true. I may not be able to work away serious feelings (no, I don’t think working out will make you happy if you just found out your mom has cancer) but it definitely helps alleviate a normal bad day case of the blahs. I am happy to have finally learned this. Knowing I will feel great afterwards is the push I need some days to get my butt in gear. Heck, just thinking of this- about working out and feeling great, about how many things I am able to do now that I couldn’t do 6 months ago- makes me not really care about those 4.2 pounds. Yes friends, sometimes I still have a hard time remembering that I am so much more that number on the scale. If nothing else, I hope you feel that way too.

Thanks for reading!

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Weight Watchers Update and Weekly Goals

First, before you read this, you need to stop over to Simply Sidney’s blog – Simply Sidney Her post yesterday was about what real women look like and links to a website of just that. I spent a big chunk of time playing around on that website. It helped me visualize what I look like know and what I will look like along the way working towards my goal weight. I found it very helpful and inspiring. Thanks Sid!

This past Saturday morning I went to my normal Weight Watchers meeting location for my weigh in. My new employer has WW on site (Tuesdays, 12p-1p) but they run their programs in sessions, so employees meeting goals at the end can qualify for partial reimbursement (sweet!) and right now their session is coming to an end. The leader kindly allows me to come and sit in on the meetings but I do not weigh in there. For now (Aug 30th starts a new session and I will be participating in it) I attend the meetings at work and then go weigh in on Saturdays. Not an ideal situation but it’s only for a few more weeks so it’s not really that bad. As you know, last week I was in Philadelphia on Saturday and did not weigh in. I opted to weigh in at home once I was settled; the result was 237 lbs. I was definitely nervous my first week back trying to get back into my routine so I made sure I cracked down on my water intake, meals and exercise. I am happy to report that when I weighed in on Saturday I was down to 233.lbs for a four pound loss this week J This brings my total lost since joining WW up to 47 pounds and I cannot wait until I can reach that milestone and receive another WW charm for my key ring. I have already been celebrating this week because my total weight loss since February (a month before I joined WW) is now up to 53 pounds. It feels good just saying that I have lost over 50 pounds and although I try to stress the importance of non-scale victories this is too big of a scale victory for me to ignore.

You may have noticed I have been recording some big losses these last few weeks, I know I certainly did. I have been thinking a lot about what is different, what I changed, that could possibly have had such a big impact and here is what I have come up with. No idea if any or all of these is factoring in but here are the differences nonetheless.

· I made lunch my biggest meal. I know they say breakfast should be your biggest meal but it’s still too hard for me to eat a big meal early in the morning. On a typical day my lunch consists of a large salad loaded with fresh veggies, sometimes some grilled chicken (3-4oz), and light dressing (always measured out), a cup of soup, and fruit- usually grapes. It fills me up and gives me the energy I need to exercise after work

· I take two fitness classes every day with the exception of Wednesdays and Fridays when I only take one. Before my routine was a mix of classes and walking and now that I am not walking I have added more classes into my routine. I love it; I get great more complete body workouts and I LOVE what I am doing every day!

· I stopped walking. Some of the weight loss could be attributed to this. It often crosses my mind that by eliminating walking I may start to lose muscle mass, which would show as weight loss. I am not sure if I am or not, I think I need more time to see if I notice any changes. Maybe September 1 measurements might provide some insight.

· I stopped obsessing about calorie burn during workouts. I don’t even monitor it anymore. I find that I enjoy things more that way

Off the top of my head, those are the only big changes I can think of and I don’t really know if they are contributing factors. For all I know, my metabolism could finally be speeding up and I am starting to burn fat easier. Who knows. I think I should just chalk it up to living the life I WANT to live.

Weekly Goals

· Write at least 5 blog posts
· Meditate every day
· Try something new
· Read more blogs
· Plan something fun to do with Paul

I thought it would be fun to include my schedule for the week so you can see what I have out on the horizon. My daily work schedule is 7a-4p, M-F- all of these activities are planned around those times.

Monday- work, 5p Combo class (half boxing, half boot camp), 645 Poi Spinning class, meditate before bed

Tuesday- work, 430p Pilates class, 530p Nia class, 7p Silver Stars game with MS, meditate

Wednesday- work, 430p Hot Vinyasa Yoga, 615p Paul’s softball game, meditate

Thursday- work, 530p Nia, 645p Qigong, meditate

Friday- work, 6p Boxing, 730p free time…not sure what we’ll end up doing, meditate

Saturday- 7am weigh in, 8am Tai Chi, 930a Nia, no plans yet for the rest of the day (should probably plan something fun here_, meditate

Sunday- 10a Journey Dance, 1130a grocery shopping, free until 4p Nia class, household stuff and prep for the week, meditate

So, that’s my plan. Let’s see how closely I am able to stick to it.

Thanks for reading!

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Weight Watchers Update and Weekly Goals

I’m for the delay getting this post out. Life has been hectic since I started my new job, with the upcoming move, the half marathon training, taking 500 classes a week, and trying to squeeze in a social life. Between all of those things it has been very difficult to make blogging a priority although I am trying. You can ask my friend MS who is a Silver Stars season ticket holder with me. I am sure she loves that I ignore her and the game in order to write my blogs. Although my posts have become more infrequent please don’t lose all hope in me. I am still reading your blogs although I sometimes skip leaving comments in order to read more posts in the sparing free time I have lately. I know I will adjust to this new schedule and once we are settled into our new house in a few weeks things will get easier. Oh yeah, in case you hadn’t heard the news via Facebook or Twitter we are finally off of the military housing waitlist and over the weekend were assigned a house. We sign the lease 7/27. Woo hoo! It even has a fenced in yard which will be great for our doggies. 🙂

Now, down to business. I managed to make to Weight Watchers on Saturday to get weighed in although I had missed the meeting because I was participating in the SARR (San Antonio Road Runners) Women’s 5K; more on the race in another post. I didn’t want to wait around an hour or so for the next meeting so I just got my weigh-in results and left. I was down 1.4 pounds this week which is awesome especially since I had already gotten up, ate breakfast, did the 5K, drank tons of water and coconut water (not very refreshing), ate a bunch of watermelon and then proceeded to weigh in with sweat logged clothes. I was pretty surprised I recorded a loss at all. This brings my total lost since joining WW 32 pounds! Yay! I mentioned in passing that my new job has their own Weight Watchers meetings (Tuesday during lunch) and I am thinking about attending those meetings instead because it would make my life a heck of a lot easier. If I do, my weekly updates will be posted then on Tuesday’s also. Which at this rate what does it matter? It’s not like I have been doing a great job lately posting on Saturdays.


Last Week’s Goals

– love myself more. I definitely have been working on this. This journey although it may seem quite physical is probably 90% mental. It seems every day I battle with myself over appearance, self-worth, desire/motivation, happiness, etc. but the important part is that a persevere through all of it. I have to know that I am worth the effort.

– help with packing. OK, I don’t think I packed a damn thing but I did go to EcoBox with Paul and helped buy some moving supplies. Does that count? Didn’t think so 😦

– be courageous. I need some more courage. Can anyone spare some? When it comes to work, I have been somewhat open with people around me but I still very shy and reserved which is so not me. I did however
meet a Twitter friend for the first time IRL and had no problem whatsoever being open with her.

– eat right, exercise, drink lots of water and be happy. Living this way makes me happy. I tell Paul this all the time; I am happier than I have been in such a long time and that I am truly enjoying life right now. It is all because I try to follow these four little steps.

This Week’s Goals

– help with packing. I promise, this time I will follow through on this goal. Paul may kill me if I don’t 😉

– follow the half-marathon training schedule. Last week I missed a 4 mile walk although I tried three separate times to fit it in it just didn’t work out. This week I will complete all three scheduled walks including the 9 miler on Saturday.

– be proud of how far I have come. You all tell me this all the time and yet sometimes it doesn’t resonate just how far I have come. It’s good to look forward and continue pushing towards a healthier lifestyle but it is also good to stop a bit and think about how much has changed in just 5 months. I should be proud.

– eat right, exercise, drink lots of water and be happy. My new mantra!

Thanks for reading!

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Weight Watchers Update and Weekly Goals

Weight Watchers

Today I have reason to celebrate. I officially reached my 10% weight loss goal this morning at my WW meeting. I received my key ring (which originally I had said was for 25 lbs lost but I had it backwards) which I happily added the two charms I have received so far; 25 pounds lost and 5K for the Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge. I lost 4.2 pounds this week and weighed in at 249.4, let the record show that I am now under 250- woo freakin hoo, bringing my weight loss total since joining WW to 30.6 pounds. For those of you keeping score at home I am down 37 pounds since 2/22- go me! I also updated my pages today so the measurements have been posted as well as my weekly and monthly results.  Oh, and one last thing, I set a new personal best logging in a whopping 76 WW activity points. Not sure I will ever be able to top that.






The weight loss is great and I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me happy but I had other reasons to celebrate today, too. Paul and I were finally able to go out for a nice dinner to celebrate my new job and his graduation and honor received from WLC at Ft. Hood. We went to a local, chef-owned restaurant, Biga on the Banks, and had a dinner that was to die for. I was originally planning on ordering a salad and an appetizer as my entrée but Biga offers half plate options on most of their entrées on Friday and Saturday. Score! This was the perfect size entrée for me, satisfying but not overly stuffed, because it left me with room for dessert. Yum! It was so worth diving into to my weekly points for this meal! I would also like to share with you this photo from dinner tonight because I actually really like how I look in it. Plus, my shirt is shiny. Thank you Michael Kors 😉


Another big achievement for me today was completing my seven mile walk this morning. This is the furthest I have ever walked, that I know of, and being able to complete it helped reaffirm the idea that come October 9th, after 18 weeks of training, I will be able to walk those 13.1 miles. I still have a long way to go before I am ready to do so but after this morning the idea of walking a half marathon is not quite as scary to me.

Weekly Goals

Last Week’s Goals

– appreciate and enjoy my surroundings – Yes, I definitely achieved this goal and will continue to do so. By taking a more positive attitude about my life in SA it truly has made me happier and made me enjoy life so much more. I am so thankful for all of the wonderful things SA has to offer and I am excited to go out there and keep on exploring and finding new things to do.

– be more loving to my husband, friends, and family – I think I did pretty good with this goal although my co-workers may not think so. Same with my soon to be ex-boss who was in Paris when I submitted my letter of resignation and called me, very saddened by the news, to discuss why I was leaving. Aside from them, I think I did a better job sharing the love with everyone else around me.

– write more blog posts – Yes, I think I wrote one every day from Monday on. Yay!

– try to be better every day – Yes, I am continually trying to be a better person every day in one way or another.

So, I think last week was successful as far as accomplishing my goals and hopefully this week will be so as well.

This Week’s Goals

–  try to control my indulgences over the long weekend. I have Monday and Tuesday off and I know Paul and I will be eating out, eating at friend’s houses, snacking more so I need to be prepared and make smart choices to help make it through

– go someplace new. I want to take advantage of this free time Paul and I have together and get out in the city and explore. I am hoping to go to someplace new every day I am off.

– register for the Women’s 5K on July 16th  and the 8-week Qigong seminar. Sorry, I don’t mean to make this into a to do list but sometimes the little things, like actually signing up for something, is the hardest thing to remember to do

– try to be better every day. I like this one so I am keeping it.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Be safe over the holiday! If you are going to be seeing fireworks, take lots of pictures for me 😉

Thanks for reading!

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What Happened to June???

Today is June 30th, can you believe it? I can’t. June went by so quickly, I can’t belive that tomorrow is July 1st.  Since the past two weeks were so chaotic I wasn’t really thinking of my end of month weigh-in and then I woke up today and realized it was time for me to step on the scale and see if I met my goal of losing 10 pounds in June.  I weighed in on May 31st at home, using the same scale, so I figured it would be ok to use my home scale again today. On May 31st I weighed 258.8, today I weigh 250.2. So no, I didn’t reach my 10 pound goal but I did lose 8.6 pounds which is nothing to scoff at.  I have also finally reached my 10% weight loss goal, which was reaching 252 lb, and look how freaking close I am to entering the 240’s! I cannot wait to be under 250 and will be thrilled if I get there by my official WW weigh-in on Saturday but I am not holding my breath.  I want to be below 250 for two reasons; one, it means I am less than 100 pounds away from my goal weight (I realize this number is still big but in my head a double-digit loss seems easier than a triple digit loss) and two, because I would be closer to 200 than 300 hundred and that just feels great knowing that my next big milestone will bring me into the 100’s. Ahhhhhhhh (me screaming), it’s such an amazing feeling!

If you follow my post regularly or if you have peeked over at my weight loss goals page you will know that aside from my first goal, 10 pounds lost in March, I have not met a single goal by my self-imposed deadlines.  Am I disheartened? No. Should I lower my goals? I don’t think so. I mean, yes I know if I changed my goal from 10 lbs to 8 lbs per month I would reach it but then it wouldn’t be a challenge. I set up these goals as something to strive towards, as a motivational tool. If I lower my goals this time maybe I will take it easier at the gym or maybe I will snack more because I will feel I could ease up a little but then what’s to stop me from changing that 8 lbs down to 6 lbs pounds, and then to 4 lbs…you see what I mean, right? Personally (as everyone is different and challenges themselves differently) I would rather set goals that might be slightly unrealistic and work really hard trying to get there then set goals that I can easily achieve. I think it is because I don’t get mad or feel like a failure when I don’t reach them (for the most part) but instead am happy to have made significant progress every month and in turn will work harder next month to try to get those 10 pounds. So, long story short- I am sticking to my ten pound goal even if it might be slightly out of my reach.

Now that June is almost behind me it is time to look forward into July and I thought I would share with you some events I have going on this month. As I mentioned in Monday’s post, this Saturday I will be participating in the San Antonio Road Runners Monthly (free- woot!) Fun Run. This race is set up in four legs; a kids run, ½ mile, 1 mile and 3 mile lengths occurring sequentially so I will be able to participate in all of them  (minus the kids run, obviously) and in turn will get in 4.5 miles at the event and a ribbon for completing all three events.  Yay! Then in two weeks I will be walking in the SARR Women’s 5K. This should be a great event and Paul is even lined up as a volunteer which means we will both get enjoy the race. At the event they will be collecting clothing donations to be distributed to local women’s shelters as well as sneaker donations. Very awesome!

July will also begin two new things for me; tracking my measurements and Bikram Yoga. I wish I had started tracking measurements from the beginning but oh, well I can’t fix that now. I will be doing this long enough to still be able to see my progression via inches lost so it will still be a beneficial tracking method. I of course will post them on this blog as well. I mean you already know my weight what do I care if you know how big around my hips are 😉 Then on July 6th Paul and I will be trying our hands at Bikram Yoga; aka hot yoga. We purchased a 10 class pass from Groupon and will be taking two classes a week until finished. I am both nervous and excited and hopefully will find it as enjoyable as the other classes I have taken. Wish me luck!

July also brings the start of my new job (also exciting/nerve-wracking), our move into post housing (which was pushed up and may happen as early as July 15), the WNBA All-Star game which is being held here in San Antonio on July 23, the Food Truck Throw Down on July 29 and 30 at the Boardwalk on Bulverde, as well as new parks, hikes, and an endless world of possibilities that I cannot wait to share with you.  Oh, and maybe even another blog giveaway so stay tuned people!

Thanks for reading!

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