{Semi} Wordless Wednesday: Why I’m So Tired

Somehow I made it to work on time. I even managed to shower off the sweat and bug spray odor from last night. I wish I had my real camera so you could see the awesome stage but alas I just had my phone.

The concert was awesome. We had a great time. Kimbra, the Kooks and Foster the People are all incredible live. It was totally worth getting home after 1am last night.

The venue was really nice, too. Parking was slightly chaotic but the sound system made up for it. The Backyard is a small open air set-up outside of Austin. It was the perfect setting for this show. I hope I get to make it back there before we leave Texas- whenever that is.

If you have the opportunity to check out Kimbra, the Kooks or Foster the People live try to go. Like I said- they were all awesome live. They really put on one hell of a show!













Thanks for reading!


June 6, 2012. Tags: , , , , , . Music.

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  1. jakennicksmomma replied:

    Sounds like a great night! Also, you look AMAZING!! PS. I have also stalled on my weight loss journey. Well, stalled or backslid quickly…you know whatever…eek… Would love to catch up on a phone chat soon!

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