Is this thing on???

So I stopped writing on this blog probably a year ago. Is anyone still checking in? Still subscribed?

I didn’t dissapear off the blogosphere completely though. I actually started a new blog, over here

I probably should have done this months ago when I first started my new blog, just in case anyone was wondering what the heck happened….

So, if anyone is still out there come see me. I’m good. Happy. Still doing my thing, fighting the good fight.




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My Nia White Belt Intensive; Part One

I wanted to share with you this video taken after the graduation ceremony from my Nia White Belt Intensive. It is the perfect illustration of what Nia means to me; happiness, community, acceptance, love, laughter, peacefulness, and friendship. The song is from a Nia routine and at some points you will see us dancing to some of the moves, jazz square – cha, cha, cha and jumping jacks, but most of it is us free dancing, having fun and celebrating this accomplishment. Not only was it a celebration for the graduates but for the trainers as well. It was an amazing day and I hope that plays through in the video.

P.S. Sorry for the fact that most of the video all you see of me is my backside 😉

Here are a couple photos I took on graduation day.


Adelle Brewer and Joanie Brooks both Nia Black Belts and my trainers for the White Belt. Although I have only known them for six months they have played such a vital role in my journey. They inspire me every day and I am so lucky to have them in my life!


I just had to sneak in a picture of me in my white belt. How cool???

Thanks for reading!

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It’s Not Always Rainbows and Puppy Dogs

This journey I am on, it isn’t always rainbows and puppy dogs. I don’t wake up every day feeling fantastic and I certainly don’t find my workouts to be easy. Yes, it is getting easier but it is not easy. I struggle, it’s hard, it sucks, and if that hasn’t come across in my blogs I am sorry because the last thing I want to do is give you an incomplete picture of what my life is like. I do try to keep my blogs positive because I am trying to keep a positive attitude myself but I don’t want you to read something and think that I make it sound so easy and then end up disappointed when it isn’t easy for you. I struggle trying to find that balance in my writing between staying positive and still incorporating my struggles and the real, somewhat harsh details.

Lately I have found myself angry about this person I have become; angry that I let it get this far without doing a damn thing to stop it. I got quite upset the other morning when I was taking a shower. Most days I shower on auto-pilot, I have a routine and I always find myself following it step-by-step each day. I don’t really think too much about it, I mean it’s just a shower- what could I possibly have to think about? This time was different though. As I was washing up I noticed something that I do everyday. For me to clean my lady parts I have to literally lift up my stomach in order to get to them, it’s pretty disgusting. It’s embarrassing to admit this and it makes me feel ashamed but on that day all I felt was anger. Anger that I let it progress to that point and anger that it never affected me until that day. Why had it never bothered me? Why did I let my weight spiral out of control? The only logical explanation must be that I completely stopped caring about how I look which in turn means I completely stopped caring about my health.

Paul’s uncle passed away a few months ago due to complications from Type 2 Diabetes. It was heart-breaking. We both loved him dearly and this loss was hard on both of us. I used to get so frustrated that Paul’s uncle couldn’t get his diabetes under control; he didn’t follow his doctor’s guidelines and battled with sticking to his required diet. I would always get upset because he was battling an illness that was completely controllable and he was losing. It broke my heart that he had given up on life; he stopped believing he could overcome it. Well, this was just my misguided viewpoint. Somehow I felt that people who were diagnosed with obesity related illnesses brought it upon themselves and that being faced with a death sentence would make it easier to fight to get your life back on track. I was very naïve. Somehow I thought I was different because I was ‘healthy’ but I was only fooling myself. I was 136 pounds overweight. I was a heart attack waiting to happen, I was probably just a few years away from contracting Type 2 Diabetes. I was digging my own grave and everyone around me had to watch this happen as I did nothing to stop it. The only difference between me and Paul’s uncle was that he was fighting to stay alive and I had given up.  Going through this now I understand how hard it is to fight the battle against obesity and I see that Paul’s uncle never gave up, he just couldn’t win. Because of this I know I have to try harder, I have to fight every day in order to overcome my obesity, and win my battle.

Most of my days are made up of small victories, battling all the crappy problems that come with being obese and trying to get in shape; like jumping rope last Wednesday at my boxing class. I have inadequate sports bras (well not anymore since I just forked out $65 for an Enell sports bra) which leave the girls flopping around when I jump rope. Most days this is annoying but on Wednesday it was down right awful because it was the day before I got my period and my breasts were super sore and tender. Ten minutes of jumping rope felt like hell. It was one of the most painful experiences I have ever had. It literally felt like they were tearing away from my chest that is how bad it hurt. It sucked but I knew the pain was temporary and it would end once we were finished jumping rope. Or like Thursday when I had demon cramps and really bad ‘indigestion’, which I always get on the first day of my period. I felt like shit and wanted to sit on my couch and eat ice cream. Instead I forced myself to go to the gym where I spent an hour on the recumbent bike nearly in tears. Between the cramps, the upset stomach, the broken A/C (the high was 96), the sun beating down on my face, my sore feet and legs (due to taking a kickboxing class Wednesday- which is a whole other story) I didn’t think I was going to make it. It was awful and I found myself questioning whether or not it was even worth the effort. I periodically have days like this, days where I want to quit, days where I don’t feel I am progressing. I feel sad and hopeless and I want to give up but thankfully I don’t. Somehow, I manage to find a way to keep myself going, to work through the pain, to see the light at the end of the tunnel and move on.

I know one thing that helps keep me going is seeing that downward trend on the scale almost every week. Seeing that change helps to keep me motivated through the rough patches. My biggest fear, which is another big motivator, is that I will hit a plateau and not be able to push through it and in turn give up. Although I am doing many different things to work on my physical strength, I am still afraid that mentally I am not strong enough to push through a month or two with no movement on the scale. This is another reason why I push myself so hard. Each week that I see that scale move is another week I can avoid my fear of not losing weight and forever being obese.

Speaking of obesity, I would like you to think about something for a minute. My goal weight is 150 pounds, which is the high-end of the healthy weight range for my height. This means I am currently 110 pounds overweight which is crazy. I am basically carrying around another person’s worth of weight. For those of you who are of average weight, I would like for you to think about your activity level and how it would feel to do basic things like walk, climb stairs, jump rope, ride a bike, with 110 extra pounds on your body. Think about how much more effort and energy your body would require of you to do simple tasks and how much stress these tasks would cause on your body. Every night I go through the rotation of icing my knees, feet, and ankles. My back is sore and most days I smell of tiger balm/icy hot. For those of my reader’s who are overweight/obese; I want you to think about how much easier life would be if you didn’t have to carry around that excess weight. I would assume that this is something that helps to keep you motivated to push towards your goal- it does for me. I often think about how much better life will be with less weight to carry around. In my head, being at a normal, healthy weight must feel like walking on clouds.

I hope that by reading this you were able to understand a little more about my battle with obesity. It’s not pretty. It’s certainly not easy. But I take full responsibility for letting myself get to this point and know I am the only one who can get me back to a healthy, normal weight. I also hope that I did not upset or offend anyone by what I wrote. The only goal of this post was to share with you a more realistic picture of what I am going through, my thoughts and struggles with my weight and how it is impacting my life. I just wanted to put these thoughts out there so you can see a different side of me because my goal of this blog is to be open and honest about this journey with you and with myself. I try to follow the words of the magnificent Dr. Seuss; “be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Thanks for reading!

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Weight Watchers Update- Week 12 and Weekly Goals

Weight Watchers Update

So another Saturday has come and gone without an update from my weigh-in. I am really bad at getting these Saturday posts up in a timely manner. I think if I had an iPad it would make blogging much easier; hint, hint 😉 As per my usual routine I went to my Weight Watchers meeting which was good. I was somewhat blasé about this weigh-in because it’s my TOM and I am super bloaty and I had a crazy big drop last week so I went in thinking it could go either up or down but hopefully just a small amount. I was correct; I lost 0.6 pounds last week which made me happy. I always like to see that number on the scale decreasing. For those of you keeping track, I have lost 19.8 since joining WW and I am down about 27 pounds since I started in February! Yay!

The meeting topic was ‘best supporting actors’ and sadly, we did not discuss the academy awards. I think we were supposed to be talking about people in our lives that help us through this process but somehow we got off track and ended up talking about finding nutritional information and ordering off the menu at restaurants. These are my least favorite meetings- when we get off subject and end up talking the whole time about food. It makes me hungry! Blerg! But overall, we did hit a few key points which made the meeting worthwhile; that we have the support of others in the meetings if/when we need it and the importance of educating the people in our lives about the program in order to have them help us better. So, if any of you ever have any questions at all about Weight Watchers please ask. If you want me to explain in more detail about the program or what I do while on it please let me know.


Weekly Goals 5/30 – 6/5

Let’s see how I did last week…..

Keep moving! I think I did a pretty good job this week; here are my results.

Monday: 2.5 mile walk plus swimming

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: Combo class (1/2 boxing, 1/2 weights) Kickboxing because I cannot tell time/read a schedule so I missed the combo class

Thursday: Recumbent bike: 20.3 miles in 65 minutes

Friday: Boxing

Saturday: Recumbent bike: interval training on the bike: 5 min. low resistance/fast, 2:30 high resistance/moderate speed for 60 minutes, 2 mile walk with Maggie

Sunday: 5K walk with Stephanie and then I took my first Nia class (60 minutes) which I will talk about in another post

Clean House! I did ok with this one. My house is definitely much cleaner. I still struggle with getting much done during the week but I made up for it yesterday and today and am pretty pleased.

Eat Whatever I Want! I like this goal and I think that ‘eating outside the box’ is helping me to make meals more fun to prepare and eat. Who says you can’t have salad for breakfast?

Read more! So, I didn’t read poolside except for on Monday but I am 30 pages from finishing a book I started on Memorial Day so I think I will say I met this goal too. After I finish writing this I am going to finish that book and hopefully start another one tomorrow.

Weekly Goals 6/6 – 6/12

Keep moving! I know it’s repetitive but I just can’t take this one off the list. My biggest fear is hitting a plateau and quitting because I can’t handle not losing weight. I am so sick of being this person that I don’t want anything to get in my way and I feel like if I just keep at it, keep putting forth the effort, then I will continue to see results on the scale.

Schedule: Monday – off, Tuesday – boxing, Wednesday – off ( I have two season ticket holder events this week; Monday is hockey and Wednesday is WNBA so no workouts), Thursday – Nia, Friday – boxing, Saturday – recumbent bike, Sunday – walking and Nia

Clean House! I need to keep this on here because I NEED accountability when it comes to this part of my life. I still have not caught the neat-freak bug and live like a messy college kid.

Read More! It’s good to make sure we set aside time to enjoy some of our favorite hobbies and for me reading is one of them. I read before I went to sleep every night and I found this to be very therapeutic so this one is staying on the list too! Sorry for all of the repeats.

Contribute More! This is not really a weekly goal; it is more like an ongoing goal. I want to do more; more for my community, my family, my friends, and try to help others in the way others have helped me. I having been half-heartedly trying to find ways I can give back to the people directly impacting my life and starting now I am going to try to really put some focus on this. I have some ideas of things I would like to do but I need to put some more thought into it. I will definitely keep you posted. Hopefully I can come up with something wonderful!

Thanks for reading!

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It’s time for my second blog giveaway!!!!

I am honored that my friend and blogging comrade has offered to donate one of her amazing photographs for this giveaway. A few weeks ago I asked for giveaway ideas and Subha graciously volunteered to donate an 8×10 photograph as the prize. Since I follow both her blogs and had already perused her photography website I knew that this would make for an amazing prize. I love photography and have fun toying around with my digital SLR camera when I can but most times I can be found trying to capture life using my iPhone camera. So, I am thrilled to be able to give away one of Subha’s beautiful (and professional) photographs. She is simply an amazing artist and hopefully you can take some time to visit her websites and blogs and take a look for yourself.

About Subha

Subha Airan-Javia is a health professional by training, but realized early on that she needed a more substantial creative outlet than her career would allow. Therefore, she started a photography business, JAS Photography LLC, while she was still in training and has been having tons of fun with it ever since! In fact, she has since become a mother and decided to work part-time, so that she could spend more time with her daughter and explore her other interests. Since then she has taken up many other hobbies such as graphic design (, creating tools to teach children how to speak Hindi and Gujarati (, knitting, sewing and many other handmade crafts ( She is also currently trying to practice the art of appreciation, by recognizing something she is thankful for, or one of life’s “simple beauties”, each day for a year, on her blog Simple Beauties (

Although I knew I wanted to feature her photography as the prize it was quite a difficult decision figuring out which photograph we should offer. Subha asked me to pick which photograph to give away in order to make it more personal. This was a challenging task because there were so many amazing photos to choose from. I was, thankfully, able to narrow it down to six. From those six, Subha told me which were her favorites and narrowed it down to two. Then Subha sent me the dandelion photo, which was not posted on her photography website, and I fell in love with that one as well. So here they are; our top three photos. We couldn’t pick just one so we are leaving that up to you. To enter the contest all you need to do is leave me a comment telling me which one is your favorite and why. The winner, picked at random, will receive the photograph they picked as their favorite. Easy peasy, right?


For my birthday, my hubby bought me a new macro lens, which I had been wanting for a long time. This image it the result of play time with my new toy on the coast of Maryland. What really makes the shot is the blue sky in the background, for which I had to lie almost completely on the ground to capture!


This is a view of the breath-taking Amalfi Coast in Italy- more specifically, it is of Positano. This little town is perched on the cliff side of the coast with unbelievable views from almost any vantage point. This shot was taken from a bus stop off the “highway” with my point and shoot camera with the flash turned off. It is amazing what you can get even with a point and shoot!

Yellowstone Springs:

Grand Prismatic is perhaps one of the most picturesque views in Yellowstone National Park. We try to visit a national park every year, and from the moment we entered Yellowstone, I saw pictures of this amazing “rainbow” spring everywhere I went. Instantly I thought: I want to see that! Well, sadly when we got there, the smoke coming up from the spring obscured pretty much everything. It wasn’t until we hiked up a nearby hill that we were able to see this commanding view of the spring displaying all the different colored bacteria creating its characteristic rainbow appearance!

Contest Rules

To enter, simply leave me a comment as to which photograph is your favorite and why, only one entry per person please. The contest will be open from the time this is posted up through 11:59pm CST June 9, 2011. On Friday, June 10th, 2011 we will choose a winner at random and announce it here on my blog that day. The only thing we require in order to enter this contest is that you feel comfortable enough to give me, or Subha directly, your home address so we can send you the photo.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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Weight Watchers Update- Week 8

Just a quick post to share my results from today’s meeting. I will write another post later discussing this week’s goals but I just couldn’t wait to tell you that I have reached my 5% goal. Yay me! Today I weighed in at 264.4, a loss of two pounds, which brought me up to 15.6 pounds lost since I joined WW. Just wanted to share this news and thank you all for your support. You guys are the best and I never take for granted how lucky I am to have such a wonderful support team. Love you guys!

Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

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Weight Watchers Update- Week 5

Ok, so I am having a blast in NOLA and really just want to head out to the market so I am skipping my WW meeting. Instead, Paul and I headed to the gym at the hotel for my weigh-in. I had gained 4.4 lbs before I even left which I think was from a combination of bloatiness and constipation, sorry for sharing that, so I was ready to accept a 6 or 7 pound gain. Let me tell you how happy I was to see 271.2 on the scale, only a 0.6 lb gain. I was thrilled- there were screams of joy. I am super pleased with myself right now. Wish me luck for the rest of my vacation!

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Weight Watchers Update- Week 4

Drumroll please…….badadadadada…. today’s current weight is 270.7 making this week’s loss 2.8 pounds. Yay me! I am very happy about the results I am seeing on the scales and at the gym.  I spent this past week working on increasing my cardiovascular strength and maintaining good breathing while pushing myself at the gym and this morning I was able to increase the number of running/walking intervals I did at the track with Paul compared to last week. That is a big plus for me seeing an increase in my endurance.  Right now I am not sure what I am happier about; that 2.8 pound loss or my increased physical fortitude….I think it is probably a tie 😉

Last week I was able to meet all four of my weekly goals; continue planning, eat my points, be active, and have fun, which really paid off. I planned out of our meals and scheduled all of my workout times. I was able to eat all of my daily points AND all of my weekly points, which was a first for me. I stayed active tallying 6 workout sessions, varying between indoors and outdoors, giving me a total time exercising of 05:53:43 and a whopping 5874 calories burned. I did all of this and still had fun.  Paul and I walked a 5K together, we went to a baseball game with friends, we even had company over for dinner last night- it truly was a great week!

This week, however, the goals are going to be tweaked because I am going to New Orleans on Thursday.  Since my trip is partly in this week and partly in the following week these will be my goals for both weeks. Although my blog posts will probably be limited to some photos and little tidbits about our vacation whenever I have time to post, I will still try to give you an update next Saturday as far as my weigh in goes. I found a WW meeting in NOLA next Saturday at 930a and plan on attending. If I can’t make the meeting  I am sure there is a scale at our hotel I can use. Either way I plan on tracking my weight next Saturday.

Weekly Goals

Walk, walk, walk– while on vacation I plan to walk as much as possible throughout the city. I will try to do as much sightseeing as I can by foot in order to help stay active for those days I will be away from home.

Make smart choices– yes, I am going to eat beignets and probably a po’ boy too while in NOLA, it’s just going to happen and I have accepted it. I really want to enjoy some of the foods NOLA is known for. While I am there I am going to try to moderate my portions and make smart choices when I can; like broiled seafood instead of fried, lots of fruits and veggies whenever I can squeeze them in, try to really focus on my portion sizes, and keep track of my points. I want to indulge, I expect a gain, but I don’t want to go completely crazy- just slightly crazy.

Stick to my routine before and after vacation– this week and next week it is very important to me that I stick to the same routine of dieting and exercise before and after my trip. I am not leaving until Thursday so I have 4 days where there is no reason I can’t keep to eating well and exercising. There is also no reason for this to be different when I get back. Yes, I am allowing myself to live a little while on vacation but after it is over I need to jump right back into the game.

Have fun– I will enjoy my vacation and not come home feeling guilty for the decisions I made. I will have fun in both my normal routine and my vacation routine.  The only way to make it through this battle is to love what you are doing every day- so that is my plan!

Hope you are having a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

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Moony Monday

Today’s post is definitely going to be a mish mash of random thoughts, my weekly goals I didn’t discuss on Saturday, and a list of healthy snacks compiled from comments left on my ‘S.O.S.- Save Our Snacks’ post. This post will be representative of how I feel today, scatterbrained and exhausted. I mean, it is Monday and this is normally how I feel after a fun and exciting weekend. So I will apologize in advance for today’s post- hopefully it won’t be too bad. 😉

This morning, while I was on the recumbent bike, I thought about how in just 6 weeks since I started this journey I have changed up my diet and exercise routine several times. Initially I started out using the slim fast shakes as meal replacements and trying my hand at jogging on the treadmill. Now I am on Weight Watchers and I mostly avoid the treadmill and stick with lower impact machines. I bring this up because I think there are a couple of important lessons here. First, know your body and listen to it when it says STOP! I wanted to jog, I really wanted to spend every day on the treadmill and transform myself into a runner. However, I am just not there yet as far as physical strength goes and I ended up pushing myself too hard which led to two weeks of no workouts while I healed. I learned not only that I need to learn the difference between good pain and bad pain but also learn to realize when I have reached my limits. I found out that I am just not in the shape I would need to be in to spend each day on the treadmill but because of this I have found out what routines work for me; weights, elliptical, recumbent bike and even one or two outside walks a week.

Another thing I realized is that it is important to find a routine you can love because fitness doesn’t end once you meet your goal weight. For me, I have a very long road ahead just to make it to my goal weight. However, this is a habit I will need to have for the rest of my life in order to maintain a healthy weight. It is important, or at least it is for me, to look at exercise as just another required daily task in order to help make that transition into something that NEEDS to be done. Now that I fully understand what my future life will be like I know I need to find something I love doing in order to help keep me motivated; it truly has to be something I want to do not something I dread doing. Being open to try new things, or change-up the routine as you see fit in order to stay motivated, is also key.

On Saturday I wrote that my goals for this upcoming week would be the same as last week’s. However that may be true but I did want to expand a little on a couple of them.

Continue planning! Plan meals, workouts and events and stick to it the best as possible. This makes life so much easier for me.

Eat my points! This week I want to focus on using my daily points and my weekly points. I had an additional one pound loss last week when I used up my daily points each day, now I want to make sure this week I use my weekly points as well. Thankfully, I have almost reached this goal as going out for Margaritas and Mexican food on Saturday used up my entire daily point allowance and most of my weekly point allowance. It was so worth it though! Yum!

Be active! From working out I have seen both an increase in energy as well as an increase in my strength and stamina. My workout routine is very important to me because I really don’t want to be thin and flabby. I would much rather prefer to be lean and muscular which is why I really try to push myself (within reason) when I am at the gym.

Have fun! In order for me to be successful I need to plan, that’s just my nature but this week I am going to try to plan and still have fun. This goes hand in hand with what I said earlier; in order to be successful in the long-term I need to do activities I love. I spent three days last week outside of the gym and not only did it provide me with a great workout it was also a lot of fun. I am happy to be finding my groove when it comes to my workouts; it truly makes life so much better when you enjoy what you are doing.

Healthy Snack List

Thanks again to everyone who left comments- I was thrilled with the response and am currently incorporating these recommendations into my daily snacks.

Nuts; Recommended brand: Planters Nut-rition® line

Yogurt mixed with granola

Fage® fat free Greek yogurt plain or with a little honey.

Chobani® yogurt – vanilla mixed with granola or Just Bunches® cereal

Chobani® yogurt- flavored. Recommended flavors- pomegranate and peach

Granola bars

Peanut butter and banana

Peanut butter and apple slices; recommended PB choice: fresh ground honey roasted peanuts from Whole Foods

Apple slices with cheddar cheese sticks

Pirate’s Booty®

Cottage cheese; recommended both plain and Breakstone’s ® cottage cheese doubles

Hershey’s Kisses®

Individual serving microwave pop corn

 Cheese sticks

Red bell peppers with hummus

Tomato slices with salt

Cucumber slices with salt, pepper and lemon or Indian Chaat Masala

Milk; skim, low-fat or light soy milk

Dips with the veggies; recommended dip- Wholly Guacamole® 100 calorie packs

Special K® Protein Shakes

Jell-O® sugar free puddings

Crackers and cheese

MorningStar Farms® Breakfast Sausage Patties are a great (quick) addition to a breakfast

Olive oil, avocado, crumbled feta, and a little lunch meat on a salad to keep full longer

I apologize for making you hungry 😉 Hopefully the next time you need a quick bite you will reach for something off of this list of yummy, healthy snack suggestions contributed by some of my readers. Please feel free to send any additional ideas/suggestions you may have after reading this. I can never have enough healthy snack ideas!

Thanks for reading!

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Weight Watchers Update- Week 3

This post is being written on my iPhone, poolside. Feel free to hate me but it’s 95 here in San Antonio. Spring is over, summer is here and I could not be happier! However, I really wanted to write a quick post and let you know how my third WW meeting went.

Today I weighed in at 273.4 for a weekly loss of 2.6 pounds! I am thrilled! I stuck to my goals for the week and it paid off big time. I made sure that every day I used my daily points (still couldn’t use all the weekly but I’ll get there), I planned out my weekly meals and workout times, I stayed active and I had fun! It was a very successful week and I had an added bonus of a one point decrease on my daily points value because of this loss to boot!

Something surprising happened this week, too! I found out that I really enjoyed my early morning workouts (you were right AS) because the benefits from the endorphins stuck with me all day. So I am going to incorporate more early morning workouts into to my schedule for the upcoming week.

Also, I would like to thank all of my readers who commented on Tuesday’s blog leaving me tons of great snack ideas! I am so thrilled to try some of them out this week. I think tomorrow or Monday I will post a list of all the snack ideas for easier reference for all of us trying to eat better or switch up our routines.

For this week I am going to stick to the same four goals I had last week and hopefully be successful again next Saturday. Thanks for all of your support and as always, thanks for reading! Love you guys!


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