This post is dedicated to Patrick…

I have spent the past couple of Thursday’s posting my answers to some of Marc and Angel Hack Life’s 365 thought-provoking questions. Today I am going to do something different and post on an issue that has been causing me heartache and sadness since I first read about it; Patrick the Pit Bull. I am not sure if you have heard this story in the news, it happened about two weeks ago. Here is a link in case you want to read more about it. Please keep in mind that this is a very sad story and it might make you cry. It did for me.

Patrick is a one year old pit bull who was starved and then tossed 19 floors down a garbage shoot. When he was found he weighed only 20 pounds and he didn’t even register a temperature. It breaks my heart to think of how this poor puppy suffered. He miraculously survived this ordeal and is being nursed back to health at the Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls, NJ. The GSVS website has a section for Patrick’s Pals where you can find updates on Patrick’s health and some very cute (but very sad) pictures of Patrick throughout his recovery. Patrick has a long road ahead of him but doctors expect him to make a full recovery and live a long, happy life.

Unfortunately, the charges against the horrible woman who did this are miniscule (6 months in prison and/or a $1000 fine) and from what I have read, she will probably not serve any jail time. So, let’s think about this for a minute- this woman will probably walk away from this offense with only a $1,000 fine. Please tell me you are as sickened by this as I am? It is situations like this where I wish we practiced Lex talionis punishment, an eye for an eye, because $1000 is nothing whereas the punishment of starvation followed by a 190 foot drop seems more appropriate to me.

As I cried and cringed over Patrick’s story I couldn’t help but think of my own two dogs who I just love more than anything. I couldn’t imagine life without them and I would think most animal owners (re: lovers) feel the same way. My dogs helped me to survive some of the toughest situations I have ever faced so to me the idea of starving them is incomprehensible. Dogs are such wonderful creatures filled with unlimited love and they ask for nothing in return. It physically pains me to think of the suffering Patrick endured while he was being deprived of food every day. I just can’t wrap my head around what type of person would do this to another living creature.

On a positive note, the GSVS has received enough direct donations to assure all of Patrick’s care will be covered. If you wish to honor Patrick, you are encouraged to make a donation to your local rescue organization in his name. I know most of us live on a tight budget and making monetary donations isn’t always possible. However, there is so much more we can do to help aside from monetary contributions. In addition to volunteering time, most shelters and rescue organizations are in need of blankets and towels, food, leashes, collars, toys, etc. Heck, my dog walker even collects plastic grocery bags from residents around the apartment complex and drops them off at a local rescue to be used as poop bags.

There are so many pets and rescue organizations in need of our help. My goal for today’s post, in addition to making you aware of Patrick’s plight, is to hopefully heighten awareness of the needs of animal rescues and humane societies. Sadly, there are many other stories out there like Patrick’s, so many animals neglected and mistreated and in need of care and love. Maybe by reading this post, the next time you go to replace your bath towels or buy a new collar for your doggy (or kitty) you will think to donate the old ones to a local organization. If we could all do just a little bit to help we could make a big change!

Ruby and Maggie (and their owner) thank you for reading!


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Wordless Wednesday: Photo Favorites

I didn’t really have any photos of the past week so instead I decided to post some of my favorite pictures I have taken from different gardens around San Antonio.














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If you don’t like this post I might just cry…

Last weekend someone said something to me that really hurt my feelings. I am not sure if I am just being oversensitive and making a big deal out of nothing (probably, yes) or if a normal person would feel the same. It was meant as a joke, not intended to be hurtful, but for whatever reason I just can’t seem to let it go. Growing up, my Dad would always tell me how I was oversensitive (pot, meet kettle) but yet his criticism did nothing to help me develop a thicker skin. I don’t know why it is but I just take everything to heart; even jokes- which I feel are probably based on truth and therefore still hurtful.

To make matters worse, I get upset at things people say to other people that aren’t even directed to me or pertain to me and I have been known to get upset even if the person who the comment was directed towards doesn’t. For example, the other night I snapped at our friend T because he made some snarky comment to his wife K, a stay at home mother, about needing time to himself to relax when he gets home from work. He said that after a long day of being elbow deep in pig guts (sorry, graphic I know) he needs time to decompress and I said don’t you think K needs time to decompress after being elbow deep in baby poop (not the word I used) all day??? Probably not my place to be commenting on other people’s personal situations but I just couldn’t control myself, the words just came out. Luckily T didn’t take any offense to it and just responded with a chuckle and his patented retort; touché.

As you know, I am like this at work too. The other week my boss made a comment which made me feel like he thought I was incompetent and it has stuck with me ever since. I hate not being able to let go of these feelings and now I have to wonder was that his real intention or was I just overreacting? I have also been known to take performance evaluations to heart and completely freak out when I feel I have been unfairly evaluated and did not receive what I thought I deserved. Is it that maybe a part of being oversensitive is that I misinterpret harmless comments and do not know how to handle criticisms when I receive it?

So, what do I do? I don’t want to be so oversensitive but I am not sure how to stop the feelings I get when people make jokes or remarks that make me feel like I am being judged or looked down on. I want to stop caring so much without actually stopping caring, if that makes sense. Is it a tradeoff or is there a way to be sensitive without being overly sensitive?

As I was writing this I received an email with a link to an article about 6 steps to deal with criticism. Can you say kismet? Since that article fits in ideally with this topic I just had to read it. The article lists the below guidelines which I believe need to be incorporated into my behaviors immediately.

  • Don’t Take It Personally
  • Think of Criticism Positively
  • Deconstruct the Criticism
  • Understand the Critic
  • Incorporate and Embrace Thoughtfully
  • Don’t Worry Too Much About It

I think these guidelines will really help me battle my oversensitivity both at work and in my personal life. If you have the same issues as me I highly recommend taking a look at this article. It provides the reader with tools and ideas that are very insightful. In closing, it provides a great quote from Aristotle which has helped to provide me with some perspective on this issue; “criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing”. Touché, Aristotle, touché.

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“The future you see is the future you get”

My first goal deadline is looming with April 1st is just around the corner. As it has been approaching I have found myself spending more time thinking about goals; both long-term and short-term, and how I hadn’t yet established a formal list of what I am hoping to accomplish over the next year. I knew that in order to be successful this was something that needed to be done. The list I put together includes both weight loss and personal goals and I hope this will help me to stay focused on what I am trying to accomplish and hold me accountable to follow through.

When I first started this blog and my weight loss journey, I was hoping to lose ten pounds a month for the first few months. I did realize that was a little above the 1-2 pound per week average but since I have a lot of weight to lose it is not unrealistic for me to try to aim higher. However, reading up on the new WW program, they say that if you follow the new points plus plan you should only lose 1-1.5 pounds a week. Regardless of what WW says, I am still going to set my monthly goals at 10 pounds. Knowing it won’t come easily give me a reason to work even harder.

Short-Term Goals

1. My personal short-term goal is to lose 10 pounds a month for the first six months; March through August

2. WW goal: 5% (14 pounds) weight loss. This is based on my starting WW weight of 280. Target date to 266; May 7th

3. WW goal: 10% (28 pounds) weight loss. This is based on my starting WW weight of 280. Target date to 252; June 18th

4. Post on my blog at least five days a week

5. Paul entered me into a chili cookoff at his work. It is a fundraising event. I plan on winning it and will do so using a healthy, low-fat recipe. Date TBD, but will keep you posted.

Long-Term Goals

1. Over the course of the next year I would like to take at least 4 vacations, this includes weekend trips because I have very limited vacation time at my job. I need to experience more of life outside of San Antonio.

2. My biggest goal, only because I truly have to bust my butt to get to this point, is to be able to shop at regular stores- size 12/14. I cannot wait until this day comes. I hate, hate, hate shopping at plus size stores; not because I am embarrassed but because I really have a hard time finding styles of clothes that I like.

3. New job or new position at current job. I feel like my career growth has come to a screeching halt so I am working on finding something better.

4. Be on an IVF waitlist or an adoption waitlist. Which list we end up on will be determined by Paul’s biopsy.

5. In one year I expect to be happier with myself and the progression I have made and plan to still be working towards becoming a better version of myself. To me, that journey will never have an end date.

I am a lucky person because the feedback and support I receive from you helps to provide me with the strength and motivation I need to continue to work towards my goals. This isn’t all just about me though; I would love to hear about your goals and what you are working towards in the short or long-term. I hope to be as supportive of you as you have all been of me.

Thanks for reading!

“The future you see is the future you get” Robert G. Allen

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The beginning of my new weightloss journey…

Yesterday I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting. It was nothing like what I expected. In my mind I envisioned it to be like Overeaters Anonymous where the meetings are more on an individual level; where people share their stories and struggles and find comfort in the support of other members. That was not at all what it was like. It was basically thirty minutes of listening to the meeting leader discuss one topic. Yes, people did chime in here and there with their comments but it was really more sitting and listening to the theme and thinking of how it applies to you.  No, it wasn’t at all what I was hoping for but that doesn’t necessarily mean I was disappointed.  I am just going to realign my expectations for what type of services Weight Watchers will provide me with.

Now I am not sure if I can post about the exact theme of the meeting so I will give you my summary- finding/knowing the one thing that helps you stick to your diet. I knew right away what this was for me; planning. If I plan out my meals, my workouts, my splurges, and my activities for the week I have no problem whatsoever sticking to the plan. It is the weeks where I don’t plan in which I truly struggle. So for me, I know in order to be successful I need to make weekly plans.

I talked before about how I have been spending one weekend day devoted to cooking all the meals for the week but that I don’t actually eat them. I cook them for Paul so a) I don’t need to worry about cooking after work- which cuts in to my gym time and b) so that Paul doesn’t eat fast food every day. I had been drinking a slim fast shake before my workouts and then just eating some fruit after opposed to eating what I had made for Paul. Well, now that is about to change.

I joined WW last Wednesday and started tracking my food points. On normal weekdays I was only using up half of my points which I didn’t think was a big deal until I went to my first meeting and was told repeatedly that I needed to use all of my points in order to lose weight. So now I will be eating dinner with Paul which is ok, especially since I will still be making all our meals ahead of time. It will probably take some time before I am adjusted to eating and then working out or vice versa but if I need to use up all my points in order to lose weight on this plan then I guess I don’t have a choice. On a side note; I tried really hard yesterday to use up all of my points and still fell short one point. It is going to be a big change eating that much food especially since my usual snacks are fruits and veggies and they have no point value!

Sorry, got kind of off topic; back to planning. What I found works for me is a day or two prior to grocery shopping (which is normally Sunday, which is also my normal cooking day) I sit down with Paul and we decide on the dinners for the week. I try to find dishes that freeze nicely and reheat well, utilize mostly fresh ingredients, and aren’t too complicated to make. That gets us set for the week on dinners. On Sundays I also peel and chop a very large bag of carrots and chop up a few heads of celery that I eat as my midday snack throughout the week. I look at my calendar and see what events I have scheduled; for example this week we have a Thursday Spurs game as well as Friday and Saturday Rampage games. I will take Thursday off from the gym because I know I will not have enough time to come home and eat, go to the gym, shower, and make it through Spurs traffic in time for the game. Now my gym schedule is set for the week. I also know that on Rampage game days I usually get an ice cream cone or pretzel so I factor those in as splurge days and then I don’t feel guilty when I do eat that stuff.  Voila! My week is planned. See, pretty easy!

I am very happy about joining Weight Watchers and I think the transition into their methods will be pretty easy. They preach what I was already incorporating into my routine; moderation not sacrifice and not letting slip ups or setbacks derail you completely. I think WW and I will have a very long-lasting friendship.

Oh, and for those of you wondering about my weigh-in yesterday I was at 277.6 without my shoes. Before I went I weighed myself at home, with and without shoes, to see the difference between my scale and theirs; my scale read one pound less exactly. So, for ease of tracking I will be using the WW scale and reporting that weight as I progress. Even though I started my journey here on this blog at 286, when I joined WW I posted my weight on Wednesday at 280 so I will be using that as my starting weight. I will post my weights for you weekly so you can see my progress.  So for today: 280/277.6/150; starting, current, goal.

Thanks for reading!

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Back in the saddle again….

Happy Friday! I thought that today I would give you an update of what is going on with my weight loss and fitness journey. This has been a big week for me because I was finally able to hit the gym again after a two-week hiatus. It really felt great to be able to get back into a routine. If you happened to see my “newsflash” post from Monday then you will also know that they replaced the broken treadmill (yes, the one that I broke) and using the apartment complex gym became an option for once I am back on my jogging routine again. However, as of right now I am easing up on the treadmill routine until I can build some strength and instead opting for a routine that utilizes the elliptical machine, recumbent bike and the different weight machines at the gym which provide me with a lower impact workout. I alternate between weights/biking and elliptical/biking. It has been a great workout routine, aside from the fact that I lack upper body strength and can barely make it through three sets on the bench press/inclined press/shoulder press without crying. Other than that I have been able to really push myself in these routines without causing myself physical pain so that is definitely a step in the right direction.

As far as my weight loss goes, I have big news on two fronts. First off, I have joined Weight Watchers. I knew the program worked and had previously thought of it as a possible route to take in my dieting but once I started to receive so much feedback from people who had found previous success with WW or were going back onto WW to help them lose weight I really started to consider it. Then when one of my local friends commented on how she used it previously and it worked for her, how she was thinking of joining back up and that she would join if I joined with her I was sold! So on Wednesday, I officially became a Weight Watchers member.  Tomorrow morning MS and I will be hitting up our first meeting and I am so freaking excited. I have my online profile set up, I have been tracking my points and I even downloaded the WW app onto my iPhone; I am ready to go.

In other weight loss news, April 1st is just one week away and I have not forgotten about my weight loss goal of losing 10 pounds by that date. I was nervous about whether or not I would make this goal, especially since I spent two weeks not exercising. Even though I don’t post my results, I do weigh myself weekly and so I am pleased to tell you that this morning when I weighted myself I was at 10.6 pounds lost. I am very proud of myself for reaching my first goal early and I know my saving grace in the two weeks off from working out was continuing to follow my diet. It was very important that the physical hurdle didn’t derail me from the whole routine and sticking to the diet even without the exercise was better than nothing at all. I am pleased with my personal growth as old Dacia would have quit when she hurt her knee and would have already gained the weight back. So, yay me! Also, I am very excited to see what my weight will be next week on the April 1st weigh in so stay tuned!

One last thing for the day: when people say you experience an increase in your energy level from working out they aren’t lying. I feel better than I have in a very long time. I wake up with a million times more energy and feeling great about myself and it has only been 32 days! It’s incredible how much can change in just one month! I hope this motivates you as much as it continues to motivate me.

Sweating my butt off after yesterday's workout but it felt great!












From your perspective, is there anything you would like me to start including in my posts; weekly weights, exercise results, etc.? I would love your feedback as to what you would want me to include, or not include, in these types of posts.

Have a great weekend! I love you guys! Thanks for reading!

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Thought-provoking Thursday

In continuation from last Thursday’s post, here are my responses to five more questions from Marc and Angel Hack Life’s list of 365 thought-provoking questions to ask yourself this year. Next week I may only answer one or two as my posts tend to be getting quite lengthy. I guess I had more thoughts on these questions than I had expected.

What do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago?

In March, 2006 I was a full-time grad student with a part-time finance internship at a local Manufacturing company. During that time my father suffered a heart attack which led him to undergo quadruple bypass surgery. I went home immediately, and was lucky enough to have a friend crazy enough to pick me up from the airport late that night and drive me to the hospital he was admitted to in Camden, NJ- murder capital of the U.S. I was able to see him and talk to him before he underwent his surgery and thankfully he made it through the procedure just fine. At the time when this happened, I was not close to my father at all. My parents had been divorced for about a year and my father was dating someone new. I stayed in NJ for two weeks to help take care of him, missing work at my internship, which I feared would fire me because of this, and missing all of my mid-terms which I feared would force me to withdraw and retake all of my classes.

The best way for me to describe my father’s normal personality would be as cantankerous. Now imagine what he was like after having his chest cracked open, two weeks without smoking (being a 40 year, pack a day smoker), and having a near death experience. He was unbearable. My Aunt and Grandmother stopped coming to visit him in the hospital because he was being so mean to them and I was at my wit’s end dealing with him. After two weeks I was more than eager to return home to my husband, my new puppy, work and school. I did not get fired and was able to make up most of the mid-terms and get back on track with school. Life quickly returned back to normal for me. For my father, he was just beginning his battle with depression, which apparently is a common side effect from heart attacks/open heart surgery, which would end up lasting a few years before he got the help he needed to get it under control. He actually still suffers through bouts of depressions even now, five years later.

Although the heart attack and the depression brought me closer to my father than I had ever been before, I wish I would have spent more time with him. I should have sent him more cards and emails reminding him that I loved him and was there for him. I should have visited more especially since I was only an 8 hour drive from him. But I didn’t, I didn’t do enough. I am lucky that I didn’t lose him that day because I never would have been able to develop the relationship I have with him now. Even though he is a grumpy old man who sends me goofy pictures and emails and leaves me random Facebook posts I love him dearly. I just wish that I could have been a better daughter and friend to him when he was suffering the most.

Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?

I would like to think that I am the type of person who asks a lot of questions. I think about my performance at work and how I prefer to ask questions instead of make assumptions even if it might make people think less of me. I would rather ask now and suffer through condescension than be criticized later for making mistakes. Additionally, whenever I am learning something new or am in a training class, I try to ask questions because I feel the more you know the better off you are at understanding and retaining information.

Also, I like to know the answers to the random questions that pop up in life. I am constantly using Google or Bing to figure things out. Just the other day at lunch we were discussing female teachers who have slept with their male students (random, I know) and for the life of me I couldn’t remember the name of the teacher from that first big case, Mary Kay Letourneau, so I had to immediately Google it because it was driving me crazy. This is why having a smart phone makes my life so much easier- I have this crazy need to know the most random stuff and I need to know it immediately.

Who do you love and what are you doing about it?

I love my husband Paul- he is the ying to my yang. Yes, we sometimes fight and yes, he does occasionally drive me crazy but that is typical in any relationship and it is not our standard behavior. Most days we laugh and hug and are supportive of each other. Most days we have a loving, caring relationship.

I try to be a good wife for him because he is a good husband to me. When we were first married, I made a lot of career choices that moved us around the country and he put my career growth first and sacrificed his. Every big decision we made together but I know that his decisions always focused around my happiness. Now it is my turn to do the same. I supported his decision to join the Army and stayed by his side even when I really didn’t want to. I try to be supportive of everything he does in the Army and everything he wants to do and I make sure he knows that I am always proud of him.

Paul is very supportive of my new diet and fitness plan but I know it is hard for him to grocery shop and cook for himself. He ended up eating fast food pretty regularly  which is not healthy even for someone who exercises daily. So, I have started spending my Sunday’s cooking all his meals for the week. I have him pick out what he wants and then I just cook it all up and throw it in the freezer. This way we can both be happy while I diet. It is one thing for me to focus on making myself better but I never want it to come at the expense of someone else. I try, and sometimes I am not that great at it, to think about how my actions will affect him and try to make it so we can both benefit from the decisions I make.

Of course, I do think I can show him more love and affection. So I will add it to my list of things to do to become a better person. When it comes to your spouse, partner, friends, family, whomever, it is important to try to show them how much you love and care about them and I think it is all something we can work on.

What’s a belief that you hold with which many people disagree?

The act of going to church does not necessarily make you a good person.  I hate to talk religion as I worry people will be offended or misconstrue what I say. I don’t mean this as a slight against those who are churchgoers and for my readers; this is NOT directed to you. I have specific people in mind when I write this and I know none of them read my blog.

My maternal grandmother comes to mind when I think about this topic. She goes to mass every Sunday plus a few other times during the week. She donates her time working the church bizarre and making items to be used to raise money for the church. She does so much good but then turns around and bad mouths everyone- strangers, fellow church ladies, and even her family. She was always critical of me and turned her back on my family when my mother was sick because she didn’t want other people to know that her daughter has a mental illness. She was ashamed of her family.

I could never understand how someone who claims to be religious and God-fearing couldn’t even follow the golden rule. It was very hard for me to forgive her for how she treated my mother throughout my childhood but I have since turned the other cheek and she has as well. I would like to note that this behavior has since changed when it fell onto her to take care of my mother after her divorce. She took her in so I didn’t have to leave college to take care of her which was by far the nicest thing she has ever done for me.

I also think about some of my coworkers who pray before they eat their lunch and then immediately start into this negative string of comments about how people look, or how they act, or what they do. They talk about other co-workers, their family members, TV personalities, politicians; it’s like non-stop criticism. Now I know I have days where I am pissed at someone I work with or maybe Paul has upset me but I am more mad at their actions not them as a person and I try hard to not come across like it is a personal attack against them.

I get so frustrated everyday having to hear about how fat someone looked, or that they don’t like someone on TV because they have a weird nose, or that democrats are stupid (yes, that does offend me and no I won’t stoop to your level and criticize your political beliefs), I just get so confused by all the judgment and criticism. I like to believe that these people are the exceptions not the standards, I do believe most people, regardless or religious beliefs, are good and loving. I just get so mad at the hypocrisy of it all – I just want to scream “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” John 7:24

I know that just by writing this I am being hypocritical because here I sit judging others for their actions and just last week I said that I am guilty of judging other wives in order to make myself feel better and I am working on that. As part of this new practice I try to focus on the good in others, not the bad. One new thing I have incorporated into my life is trying to list five positive things about each person I meet in order to bring the focus to a positive place. I also practice this with people I already know, like the people discussed earlier because maybe they have hurt me or maybe they are critical of others but I know they are all good people.

What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago?

This one is easy- jogging as well as most basic exercises. I could not have done these things a year ago because a year ago I didn’t even try. Now I am doing so much more physical activity than I have in a long time. It feels great to progress and develop and start to feel a change bringing me closer to doing the activities I have avoided in the past; like hiking. Just yesterday I tried out the elliptical machine at the gym, less impact on my knee, and was impressed with how well I did. I stayed on for 20 minutes and then did 5 miles (18 minutes) on the recumbent bike. Yes, I know it’s not a big achievement for most but for me it is- every step towards a healthier future is an achievement.

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Wordless Wednesdays: Hockey is my life, or so it seems

As you should know by now, Paul and I are crazy hockey fans. Currently we have a half season ticket package to the San Antonio Rampage (AHL) games and have supplemented it with four sets of flex passes so when all is said and done we will have been to 36 games this season. We went ahead and upgraded to full season tickets for next year because of how much we love going to the games. Some weeks it feels like I live at the AT&T Center (not complaining) and when I started to compile some pics from the last week I realized that this was another one of those weeks. I apologize for the large quantity of hockey and hockey related pics. I hope you enjoy looking through them and getting a glimpse into my every day life. Don’t worry hockey ends in April however, baseball starts in April (we have passes) and Silver Stars (WNBA) starts in June (season tickets) so I don’t think you will be escaping the sporting event pictures anytime soon.

My dad calls us hockey zombies!


Wednesday I won tickets to the Social Media Super Sweet Suite and had the chance to sit right up on the glass. It was awesome!

Rampage Goalie Matt Climie. He definitely has the hardest job on the ice.
Rampage win!
How any Italian would celebrate St. Patty’s Day in San Antonio- margaritas!
This is the prickly pear margarita from Lee’s Taco Garage and it is one of the best margaritas I have ever had.
Friday night’s alright for fighting….Rampage got the memo. This 5 on 5 fight stopped the clock for at least ten minutes. The penalty box was standing room only. It was the craziest thing I have seen in hockey to date.
Saturday was spent at the Fest of Tails (Kite Festival and Dog Fair) and then some serious drinking which started at the Alamo Drafthouse and continued back at our apartment. Serious drinking for me is like 4 beers, lol!
It was overcast but Maggie didn’t mind one bit!
A man and his growler…
I find my inner peace in craft beers….
I could use some good juju right about now!
Ruby thinks I am annoying when I am drunk!
Sunday found us back at the AT&T Center for more hockey! This is the view from our season ticket seats for next year.
Another social media blessing (Facebook this time) landed us in the tunnel to cheer on the players as they came onto the ice for the second period. Thanks to the Rampage Social Media Coordinator for making all these awesome things happen!
It’s not hockey without some fights!
It’s not Rampage hockey without some T-Bone!
STH event after the game. Got to meet some players, including Mathieu Brodeur who dominates at hockey and the Wii!
My favorite Rampage hockey player- Eric Neilson! He was so nice to us; he signed like five autographs and later posed for pictures. He actually remembered us from the previous Monday when we met him at Boston’s.

I do apologize for all of the pictures- I have had a lot going on these past few weeks, Don’t worry though, I only have one thing going on between now and next Wednesday Cirque Du Soleil.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my week in pictures. Love you guys!

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We’re movin’ on up….

So it’s official- we are moving into post housing once our lease is up this summer. On Friday, Paul dropped off all of the necessary paperwork in order to get us onto the waitlist for housing. Right now there is a 3-4 month wait for housing which is why it was so important for is to decide now about whether or not we should move onto post. We are both very excited about this decision and cannot wait to move. So, if you live in the greater San Antonio area feel free to volunteer some time to help us out with the move. 😉

Previously I had listed some out the pros and cons of post housing and I wanted to revisit this so you can see why we ended up making the decision to go this route.


• Very convenient for Paul- no commuting for work, and for me- easy access to the gym

• Living on post puts us closer to downtown and to the AT&T Center, where we spend a lot of our time.

• We would be surrounded by army people. It might be nice to make some friends that are in a similar a situation. Plus we would be closer to T & K.

New Pros:

We could have a grill. We miss grilling especially since we live in Texas and grilling is possible 365 days a year. This means BBQs and horseshoes!

• We could have a garden, which I am so excited for. I am already planning on what I would like to grow and picking out bins I want to buy in order to compost.

• The dogs will be able to spend much more time outside. I know this will help them get their daily exercise and eliminate the need for a dog walker.

• Closer to T&K means closer to their daughter. I love spending time with the baby and I am sure they will love having us close by to babysit. Also, this means it will be easier to join K for her evening walks up at the track on post.

• Grocery shopping will be less time-consuming as we would be living super close to the commissary. You have no idea how much of a pain it is driving on and off post every time I want to go to the gym or go shopping. It will be so convenient to live near both places.


• It will increase my commute time- actually it is almost the same drive time, I tried it out the other day. It is a further distance but almost all highway driving.

• The houses are teeny tiny and we would probably have to replace all of our living room furniture to fit in the space- Paul figured out a way to make our furniture fit but we still may replace the living room set just because it is time. Also, the houses have a basement and a garage & driveway; which will help with storage space and eliminate the need for me to constantly wash my car- all parking spots at the apartment complex are under trees.

• Living on post would cost the full amount of our housing allowance which basically means we will have to pay more out-of-pocket every month. Our current rent is over $300 less than the housing allowance we receive- we would be paying more for rent but we would not need to put out $50 a week for a dog walker and Paul would not have to drive to work so we would save on gas. Plus utilities are included in the rent amount. Currently we pay anywhere from 130-300 a month in utilities. Therefore, living on post would be cheaper.

 • We would be surrounded by army people. This really could go either way, it really depends on the specific army people we find ourselves surrounded by. It could end up being more annoying than beneficial- there is no way now to know what our neighbors will be like but that is true anywhere you move so it is a moot point. Also, just being closer to our friends who live on post would be nice. Especially since Paul and his BFF T. refer to themselves as the wolf pack- they are both so happy at the possibility of hanging out every single day.

• The only pool is the indoor pool at the gym. Not quite what I am used to and they probably frown on you drinking alcoholic beverages while swimming- I’ll adapt, there will be plenty of drinking going on out on out front porch that I think I can live without drinking by/at the pool. I might actually take advantage of having a real pool that is meant to be used for exercise.

As I said previously, we are both very excited for the move. The more we discussed it, the clearer it became that the best decision for us was to move on post. Now we just wait until August 1st to move but don’t think that I won’t be spending as much free time as possible this summer in the pools at our complex. That really is the only thing I will miss.

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Just wanted to report some good news on the gym front. Today Paul and I went over to the gym at our apartment complex to hit the weights. We entered in and low and behold guess what we saw??? A new treadmill! It appears that they replaced the one I broke and this one seems pretty nice. I am so excited that I will be able to use the apartment complex gym now. It’s great having options and now that I have learned a good weight workout routine I am ready to go! Yay me! I’ve got my groove back!

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